Whilst non-repellent sprays are popular for cockroach control, a quality pyrethroid product gives excellent – and rapid – flushing and knockdown effect. But when combined with a non-pyrethroid, it’s even better.

In dealing with cockroaches, especially German cockroaches, there is a trend to only focus on the use of non-repellent sprays. However, pyrethroid products offer some very real benefits in cockroach control. Temprid75, which combines non-repellent with pyrethroid, offers the best of both worlds.

“When dealing with residential treatments, homeowners love to see the product working. Pyrethroids are renowned for their fast action and the beta-cyfluthrin in Temprid75 delivers a rapid flushing and knockdown effect that provides instant confirmation to the customer that the treatment is working,” said Daryle Swarz, national sales and marketing manager (PPM) at Envu.

This flushing and knockdown effect is also important in commercial accounts. The flushing effect is a useful tool to confirm cockroach hiding places and helps assess the size of the problem. Applying a product like Temprid75 to cracks and crevices will flush out and kill any cockroaches present and leave behind a residue for long-lasting protection. This on-the-spot confirmation of the nature of the infestation and proof of kill is useful information to the pest manager and pleasing to the customer.


Spraying Temprid
A successful spray application means paying attention to all cracks and crevices


“With pure non-repellents you may not see a response for several hours, once you’ve left the premises, so you may not get this useful information at the time of treatment.

Certainly, when you use Temprid75, make sure you have your camera ready – the photo or video evidence will certainly impress your customer, who may not be on site at the time of treatment,” said Mr Swarz.


The flushing action of Temprid75 is very useful for determining the hiding places of German cockroaches


However, Temprid75 is not just a pyrethroid product, it’s a combination of pyrethroid (beta-cyfluthrin) and non-pyrethroid (imidacloprid). This combination of insecticides with different modes of action is useful if there are concerns about cockroach populations exhibiting signs of insecticide resistance.

“It’s important not to confuse repellency with the excitatory effect of pyrethroids,” stressed Mr Swarz. “Cockroaches will walk on Temprid75 treated surfaces, and when then do, they pick up the pyrethroid and it starts the nerves firing, often causing them to run off the treated area. But by then they’ve picked up a lethal dose of insecticide.”

At the end of the day, product performance is only really demonstrated in the field.

“Temprid75 has now been on the market for ten years. It’s been proven as a very effective, great value cockroach treatment, by the fact it continues to be used and trusted by hundreds of pest managers for cockroach control.”

Apart from the performance, Mr Swarz believes one of the reasons for the success of Temprid75 has been due to its flexibility in use.

“Temprid75 can be used in a wide range of situations, both inside and out. This is very important in residential cockroach treatments, which often involve treating both inside and outside the home, targeting large cockroach species as well as German cockroaches. With Temprid75 you can complete the treatment without changing product, which is not the case for some non-repellent products.

“With cost per treatment also a consideration, Temprid75 stacks up very favourably with non-repellents – there’s no reason to sacrifice performance to save a buck,” said Mr Swarz.

As with all cockroach spray treatments, the inclusion of an insect growth regulator (IGR) can boost longevity of performance while cockroach baits can be used in locations where sprays may be inappropriate.

“Combining Temprid75 with Starycide, and using Maxforce when required, means pest managers have all the tools to deliver high-performing cockroach treatments for all their customers,” concluded Mr Swarz.

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