New from Bayer, Maxforce Fusion cockroach gel uses imidacloprid to deliver quick results against several species of cockroaches.

Bayer has just launched its new and innovative Maxforce Fusion cockroach gel. Maxforce Fusion is the next generation gel targeting cockroaches, both large and small. The formulation utilises a patented fusion technology, known as ‘TLC control’ (total life cycle control), incorporating a feeding stimulant and capsule technology within the gel matrix.

Jeff Einam, Bayer technical and regulatory affairs manager said, “This unique feeding stimulant has been proven to dramatically decrease the percentage of nymphs in the population. The reduction is due to an increased direct consumption of bait by nymphs, resulting in a long-term inability for populations to recover.

“Maxforce Fusion delivers exceptional palatability for nymphs ensuring total life cycle control. Professional pest managers should apply Maxforce Fusion where the presence of nymphs is confirmed. Trial data indicates that only three days after treatment, there will be a reduction in larvae by more than 90%. After 14 days, 100% reduction is achieved.

“Trial data also indicated a higher consumption rate of Maxforce Fusion (active ingredient imidacloprid) compared to Maxforce Original (hydramethylnon). However, it is important to rotate with other gel baits that use other active substances, such as Maxforce Original or Maxforce Gold (active ingredient fipronil), to avoid resistance development. In addition, Bayer also recommends the use of other control methods such as non-repellent dusts and sprays.

“Maxforce Fusion targets German, American, Australian and Oriental cockroaches, including nymphs. Only one or two spots, five millimetres in diameter are needed to treat small cockroaches and two or three spots of the same size to treat large cockroaches. Maxforce Fusion is smooth flowing, which allows easy spot size management.”

Maxforce Fusion with TLC Technology is available now at all distributor outlets. For more information on Maxforce Fusion or the Bayer Amplify program visit the Bayer website or contact Bayer sales representatives.

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