Ensystex have announced a new product in their Zenithor range of gel baits. 

Fast on the heels of the recent launch of Zenithor Gel Ant Bait, the innovation team at Ensystex have announced the release of Zenithor Gel Cockroach Bait.

Ensystex regional director, Steve Broadbent, advised, “Zenithor Gel Cockroach Bait is a totally new development that introduces our ‘Synergised high-consumption bait technology’ for improved cockroach feeding and faster kill.”

Zenithor Gel Cockroach Bait has been developed to provide the fastest kill of cockroach aggregates when compared to other leading gel baits in the market. Laboratory trials showed more than 80% of German cockroaches where eliminated within just 24 hours! The larger Periplaneta species were equally controlled faster by Zenithor too.

Zenithor performance versus leading cockroaches baits

“Zenithor provides carbohydrates, phyto-lipids and proteins to boost palatability, but the real feeding boost comes from the added ‘Synergised high-consumption bait technology’. This provides a unique and novel range of natural sensory attractants to draw the cockroaches to the bait spots, together with some carefully selected feeding stimulants.

“These feeding stimulants have been well documented in the scientific literature to induce and promote increased consumption of gel baits. Understandably the amount of bait eaten at a single feed is very important in a control program. It determines the speed of kill and the secondary transfer of the active.

“The ‘Synergised high-consumption bait technology’ is enhanced further through ‘Viral excretion transfer’ to provide improved control of all cockroach life-stages.

“The process of ’Viral excretion transfer’ involves an emetic to ensure the intoxicated cockroaches contaminate their harbourages with toxicant-enriched vomitus and faeces to create the most potent secondary kill effect. ‘Viral excretion transfer’ advances the rapid transfer of the toxicant to the more sedentary life-stages, specifically early instar nymphs, that do not venture far for their food resources.

“In the natural cockroach environment coprophagy, the consumption of faeces together with proctodaeal feeding, allows the transfer of hindgut symbionts, nutrients, and microbes and their by-products. Coprophagy occurs in all life stages, but is most prominent in early instar nymphs.

“For newly hatched nymphs, coprophagy reduces the risk of long-range food searching when food is not available in the harbourage. Zenithor is highly stable during passage through the cockroach digestive tract, and slow acting enough to allow its excretion before cockroach death.

“In contrast emetophagy, or the ingestion of vomitus, is not essential for nymphal survival, but cockroach nymphs really love to feed on female vomitus. It’s like ice cream for cockroaches! ‘Viral excretion transfer’ induces cockroach vomiting about 4-6 hours after ingestion, to coincide with the adults return to their harbourages. Cockroach vomitus containing Zenithor is extremely attractive, but deadly toxic, to the nymphs.”f

Mr Broadbent further explained, “A key to unlocking the success of our innovative gel formulation was the selection of the (S)-isomer of indoxacarb as the active constituent.

“Zenithor Gel Cockroach Bait provides a stable gel with a moist, viscous presentation at all times, that does not run, even on vertical surfaces.

“Product performance and safety is further enhanced by a process referred to as ‘Enzyme bioactivation’. Zenithor Gel Cockroach Bait contains 6.0 g/kg (S)-indoxacarb. This is only activated after consumption in the cockroach gut, where it is rapidly metabolised (broken-down) into N-decarbomethoxyllated indoxacarb (DCJW). This metabolite is the powerful sodium channel blocker that leads to the rapid and irreversible impairment of nerve function, followed by feeding cessation, paralysis, and death of the cockroaches.

“Professionals will also be very pleased to find that Ensystex have priced Zenithor very competitively!”

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