Introducing Permathor Magnetic, a innovative new insecticide dust from Ensystex.


Permethor Magnetic is the latest product to be launched by the Innovations Team at Ensystex.

Many species of insects contain particles of magnetite in their bodies – a powerful ferromagnetic substance that generates its own magnetic field – and use the earth’s magnetic field to help them to orientate and navigate. Ensystex’s new product takes advantage of this magnetic charge on the insect exoskeleton by incorporating Magthanite, a patented magnetic component, to enable it to adhere more readily and strongly to the tarsi (lower leg segments) of insects.

“Like Permethor Dust, our new product employs the same exceptionally light powder formulation to flow deeper and further into voids and crevices. The finer the dust coating, the more likely the pests are to make contact and pick up the insecticidal deposit, thus providing long-term effective control,” explained Ensystex’s regional director, Steve Broadbent.

“The big difference between the two products, however, is the magnetic component that provides for faster kill and improved transfer due to its magnetic properties. It’s going to set a new standard for dusting treatments.”


Results of cockroach trials with Permethor Magnetic showing improved speed of control compared with Permethor Dust


Trials of the new product at Southampton University, along with more advanced studies conducted at the Rothamsted Experimental Station in the UK, confirmed insects passing over a residual deposit of Magthanite picked up an average of 56% more particulate material than those passing over a deposit of inert talc. In a further test, they found that up to 250% more product was transferred between the insects.

Trial data submitted to the APVMA for the registration of Permethor Magnetic confirmed it provided significantly faster control of insects when compared to a positive control without the magnetic properties.

Permethor Magnetic contains 10 g/kg permethrin and has a very broad label, which allows for the control of cockroaches, silver fish, ants, fleas, carpet beetles, bed bugs, spiders, bird mites, hide beetles, subterranean termites, European wasps and feral honeybees.


Permethor Magnetic is now available from Ensystex


According to Ensystex, it is ideal for areas where liquid-based formulations are not suitable. This includes large voids or areas where there is a risk of corrosion or spray drift to electrical equipment. For best results in roof or wall voids, it should be applied using a power duster. Permethor Magnetic is most effective when a fine coating is applied.

“Only the lightest application is needed, and pest managers should avoid ‘mounds’ of dust as insects will not pass through these. Permethor Magnetic is also ideal for use as a flushing agent during inspections to identify cockroach harbourages,” Mr Broadbent said.

With the environment in mind, Permethor Magnetic is exempt from Poison Scheduling (SUSMP) and supplied in 5 kg recycled cardboard cartons.