Breaking the cockroach breeding cycle is now easy and cost effective with ClearOut Plus IGR Aerosol.

Product development and formulation chemistry is at the core of Sherwood Chemicals’ business, having launched several innovative solutions to the Australian pest management market over the last ten years. ClearOut Crawling Insect Spray (containing fipronil) has become a valuable tool for pest managers in treating problem pests internally due to its non-repellent properties, clear solution and ease of use. The aerosol has now been improved with the addition of a powerful insect growth regulator to further improve its performance.

ClearOut Plus IGR consists of two active ingredients: 0.5 g/kg fipronil and 0.15 g/kg pyriproxyfen, a group 2B and 7C Insecticide. The label has been extended to include flies (as well as cockroaches and ants) and it is a non-scheduled poison, allowing it to be used in multiple situations.

IGRs are generally used in combination with appropriate insecticides to deliver effective control.

An IGR alone will not kill the insects; however, it will increase the effectiveness of an insecticide product by preventing immature cockroaches developing into breeding adults. An IGR does this by disrupting the moulting process of the nymphs and halting their reproductive development. The fipronil will kill the adult and nymphs initially but any that escape the effects long enough to breed will be inhibited by the IGR.

When managing commercial accounts, ClearOut Sticky Glue Monitoring Traps are recommended to be used alongside ClearOut Plus IGR. These easy-to-use monitoring devices will give pest managers clear insight into how the cockroaches are reacting to the spray formulation as well as assessing overall treatment performance. Apart from measuring overall numbers, look closely at the appearance of any German cockroaches nymphs that may have been affected by pyriproxyfen.


ClearOut Sticky Glue Monitoring Trap


German cockroaches infected by pyriproxyfen during the first instar are unlikely to survive past the moulting stage. They appear very dark, small and stubby. Those German cockroaches that survive the moulting stage can be easily identified by their twisted, deformed wings. At this stage they will not be able to mate. German cockroaches affected by pyriproxyfen during the third instar will look fully grown but will also develop twisted, deformed wings and be unable to mate.

This powerful effect makes ClearOut Plus IGR a highly effective method for treating insects such as German cockroaches.

Breaking the breeding cycle is now easy and cost effective with ClearOut Plus IGR.

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