The growth in residential solar power presents an ideal opportunity for pest managers to get into bird management.


Savvy pest managers know the value of offering solar panel bird proofing alongside their standard services. For those weighing up whether to add this service to their offering, we take a look at some of the benefits for both pest managers and their customers.

Australia has the highest uptake of domestic solar installation in the world, with one in four homes adopting rooftop solar. Rooftop solar panels create an ideal sheltered environment for pigeons to nest in and as colder temperatures approach, troublesome pigeons are further drawn into the cavities. This is a problem in several ways. Once established, they deface the panels, significantly reduce PV efficiency and risk damaging the entire electrical system, or worse, create a fire hazard.

The continual growth in adoption of rooftop solar power systems creates huge opportunities for pest managers to tap into, as demand for bird proofing solar panels outnumbers installers.

Diligent homeowners trying to save money on energy and go green with rooftop solar can have their investment crippled by nesting pigeons under their solar system. Homeowners who invest thousands of dollars upfront on solar energy want to ensure their system is running at high efficiency to get their money’s worth. Bird proofing solar panels is a peace of mind necessity to ensure that their investment is not rendered ineffective by droppings or worse, damaged by aggressive pigeons. Solar panel bird proofing gives homeowners peace of mind at a relatively low cost.

Given the rapid and widespread adoption of rooftop solar across Australia, offering solar panel bird proofing opens up opportunities for pest managers to promote their full service to help them become the preferred name in pest control services in their area. As the cooler winter weather draws in, it is a great avenue to broaden services and reach new clients.


The steep rise in rooftop solar across Australia is creating greater demand for bird proofing


Those who are new to bird proofing work should know that installing solar mesh guard around solar panels is as simple as aligning the stainless steel mesh against the panel and securing it in place with provided zip lock hook fasteners. Because Vexo fastener clips hook onto the underside L bracket of the solar panel, they do not damage or mark the panel, therefore do not void the panel warranty. Aside from snips and safety gear, no other tools are needed, making this a very straightforward job. The more challenging side is the cleaning process, hence for homeowners to save money, they should fit the solar mesh guard before pigeons infest the area beneath their system.

A simple job, solar panel bird proofing is a small but profitable niche service for pest managers to offer. No additional tools are needed – just a pair of hands is all that is required to get the job done in an afternoon. Pest managers also have access to wholesale rates on the solar mesh guard kits, preserving greater margins for their service. Vexo solar mesh guard kits are available through Globe Pest Solutions and Agserv as well as online retailers Easy Pest Supplies and Pestrol.

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