Flock Off Bird System: A Revolution in Bird Management

Introducing the Flock Off bird management system, available in Australia from Pest IT.

Introducing Flock Off and PestIT; the innovator in advanced bird management solutions. The Flock Off system is a revolutionary, high-tech and humane solution to stop pest birds from landing on structures immediately and permanently. Flock Off can help eliminate the costs, risks, health hazards and damage caused by birds, once and for all, by using electromagnetism to disrupt the birds’ ability to navigate. Introduced to the market in both Australia and New Zealand by PestIT, Flock Off is already proving a gamechanger in bird management.

Since its arrival in November 2022, Flock Off installations have achieved remarkable success in Australia, with numerous sites reporting significant results. Installations have been carried out on various structures, including warehouse and factory roofs (addressing pigeons and seagulls), apartment buildings, private residences, office towers, civil defence and police facilities, shopping centres, and loading docks, among others. As demand continues to grow, Flock Off is expanding its presence to cater for larger facilities.


Flock Off installation on a commercial roof
Flock Off installation on a commercial roof


It’s a similar story in New Zealand. The first Flock Off installation in December 2022 showcased remarkable outcomes. A government building on the South Island, plagued by seagulls and pigeons for over a decade, witnessed a staggering 90% reduction in bird presence immediately after installing two Flock Off kits. The remaining birds gradually vacated the open, pitched roof over the following week, leaving the property bird free.

The success of the system impressed Leighton Hynes, Owner of Hitman Pest Control, who commented, “I had never seen anything like this on an open roof.” The astounding results and efficiency of the Flock Off system herald a new era for bird management in New Zealand.

Following this successful debut both here and across the Tasman, PestIT is looking to expand the presence of Flock Off both in Australia and New Zealand. To achieve this, PestIT is turning its attention to training professional pest managers across the country (and in New Zealand) on how to install the system. Jason Costello (NZ) and Peter McCarthy (AUS) lead the team, offering comprehensive technical support and training to bird managers interested in adopting this innovative solution. The goal is to empower local, professional pest managers and installers with the necessary expertise to utilise the Flock Off system efficiently.

So what is electromagnetism and how does it work? The Flock Off system creates a localised electromagnetic field around the area to be protected. This electromagnetic field affects the birds’ internal GPS system and their ability to navigate. When they approach the electromagnetic ‘force field’ they get temporarily disorientated and cannot land. While invisible to humans, this barrier appears to birds as ‘fireworks’ on or around the targeted landing zones, effectively deterring them from settling, and causing them to relocate elsewhere. The system is made up of a series of capacitors that generate electromagnetic pulses, which are passed down stainless steel wires installed along the area to be protected.


Components of the Flock Off system
Components of the Flock Off system


The Flock Off system is ideal for addressing bird exclusion needs in various commercial settings. With the capability to significantly reduce bird-related nuisances on buildings, this advanced solution sets itself apart by avoiding the use of chemicals, poison, or traps, ensuring a safe, humane, and environmentally friendly approach.

One of the key advantages of Flock Off is its user-friendly installation process, requiring significantly less labour compared to traditional bird management systems.

For bird management professionals seeking to embrace this advanced solution and become certified installers, PestIT welcomes enquiries via its website.

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