Vexo offers durable, high quality stainless steel bird spikes that effectively deter birds in a range of situations and locations. 

In Australia, the industry standard for professional bird control spikes has traditionally been a polycarbonate base with stainless steel spikes. They are light and easy to break into smaller pieces by hand, however they break down under the harsh UV light in Australia. Even if they contain UV inhibitors, they become brittle within a few years under the sun and can break off with only a light force. Such installations often need replacing every couple of years.

The market is now seeing the introduction of more durable and better performing bird spikes made entirely from stainless steel. Obviously such stainless spikes are not affected by UV, but their design provides two additional installation benefits; they come in larger pieces for faster installation, allowing installers to complete their job on average twice as fast, and the stainless steel base is also malleable, allowing greater flexibility to conform to curved surfaces, such as signage.

UV degradation on polycarbonate spike resulting in brittle product

The durability of stainless steel and flexibility of design ensures they outperform and outlast traditional spikes with a polycarbonate base. Installation with a quality stainless steel product ensures the job gets done right the first time and provides customers with enduring, value for money bird protection. An efficient, long lasting installation delivers financial benefits to the pest manager and enhances their reputation.

Vexo have a range of stainless steel spike options to cover a wide range of installation situations. Vexo spikes have been developed using high quality stainless steel and our own in-house welding technology that allows precise, reliable welds without causing the material to rust. This has allowed us to created specialised spikes such as the GX21 gutter spike (main picture, above), which has been designed to prevent birds perching on gutter lines and allows simple and fast installation for the installer.

Vexo bird spikes are an Australian-owned product, developed by a family business that started with a German partnership over 20 years ago. Over the years Vexo spikes have become a trusted supplier across Europe, USA and Japan. Vexo spikes have been used on large-scale projects such as the Cologne Cathedral in Germany and the Parliament building in Berlin, as well as Narita International airport in Tokyo. Locally, Vexo spikes have been installed on top of commercial and council buildings in coastal regions of Victoria.

Installation of SS41 spikes on roof parapet in Melbourne

Elite Bird Control, one of Victoria’s leading bird control specialists have switched to using Vexo spikes. Matt Blades, co-director of Elite Bird Control said, “We are familiar with all the major brands that are currently available in the market place. We are now finding that the Vexo Bird Spikes are of far superior quality and the Vexo team has always supported us with great customer service too. Elite Bird Control will only offer our clients the best products and brands available, and so we will continue to use the Vexo product from now on.”

Vexo bird spikes are available through Agserv and their general manager, Jason Green, also commented, “Vexo spikes offer professional pest managers a high quality, durable alternative and having the backing of an Australian owned manufacturer who is committed to delivering superior products to the market is a real plus.”

Installation of bird control spikes is still an area of growth in the Australian pest control industry – a relatively untapped segment with much to be gained by installers. For the experienced bird management professional or for those venturing into bird management for the first time, Vexo spikes provide the quality option. Being successfully tried and tested over two decades, pest managers can have the confidence their installations will deliver lasting performance.

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