A new kind of bird deterrent using laser technology is now available in Australia through Pest IT. 

Pest IT is pleased to introduce the latest development in bird deterrent technology, the AvePro Hawk Laser. This industrial-quality range of mounted lasers is ideal for deterring birds from commercial, logistics, aviation, agricultural and horticultural sectors – day and night.

According to Peter McCarthy, director of Pest IT, birds are frightened by the intense spot and beam of the laser. International use, and the company’s own commercial trials over the past year, indicate that pest birds do not become accustomed to the beam. Each AvePro Hawk Laser is supplied with a programmable key pad to help save up to 16 customised scans for a unique facility beam structures or orchard layout.

Programming the AvePro Hawk Laser is fast and simple

“In commercial situations, it only takes a few minutes to trace out the beam patterns of a roof structure once the system is mounted,” Mr McCarthy explained. “In agricultural or horticultural situations, the units are mounted just above the current height of the crop.”

The principle of repelling birds with a laser beam is inspired by nature. Birds perceive the approaching laser beam as a physical danger.

It appeals to the survival instinct, causing the birds to fly away. The continuous presence of the moving laser beam is a valuable tool for many bird species under low light or nighttime conditions.

AvePro Hawk Laser on a tripod in commercial use

“Birds find it very difficult to roost internally if the beam is keeping them on the move all evening. When deployed from two (or more) opposing corners of a building the laser is presented to the birds from multiple directions. This is an ideal, low-cost option before considering exclusion or other forms of bird management,” added Mr McCarthy.

Three AvePro Hawk Laser models are available, including the AvePro Hawk Laser Scan 30 (indoor use), AvePro Hawk Laser Scan 50 (indoor/ outdoor use) and AvePro Hawk Laser Scan 80 (outdoor use).

“With three models available, the AvePro Hawk Laser is easy to deploy and program in every desired situation. It is safe for humans and birds, is environmentally friendly and is weather resistant (IP65 rated). We are pleased to introduce this highly effective, non-toxic bird management solution to the Australian market,” said Mr McCarthy.

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