Easy to install and long-lasting, stainless steel spikes are a sound option for excluding birds from buildings. 

Installing bird spikes can be a time-consuming process. Whether the job is along rooftops, facades or air ducts, applying one-foot long spikes can feel like the installation is moving at a snail’s pace.

For commercial jobs where the overall length measures hundreds of metres, the cost of spending more time or having more people on the job can eat away estimated profits.

This is because a large proportion of the installation time is spent handling each spike. Each piece of spike requires the installer to turn around, bend over to pick up the next piece out of the box, handle the spike in one hand so it is ready to apply adhesive, position the caulking gun, and prime the gun. In this process, actually placing the spike in position on the surface accounts for a fraction of the installation time.

Switching to full metre-length pieces allows pest managers to finish the job in significantly less time relative to traditional shorter one-foot or 50cm polycarbonate base spikes. Longer pieces mean less handling and less repetitive movement over the same distance.

Vexo undertook a head to head comparison installing spikes over a 30-metre test length, which showed the one-foot spikes took 37 minutes to complete, while the metre-length spikes allowed installers to complete the installation in under 16 minutes; less than half the time.

Not only is less time being spent at the job, but installation is physically less demanding as pest managers do not have to bend over as frequently to complete the project. Moreover, with longer pieces the installation is more uniform.

Vexo has been a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of metre-length stainless steel spikes. Made from 100% 304 or 316 stainless steel, its spikes are built to outperform, and built to outlast traditional polycarbonate spikes. Vexo’s high quality is evident in its consistent clean and precise bond between the base and spike. These spikes are more durable than polycarbonate spikes as they do not degrade under UV exposure. An additional benefit is that Vexo metre-length stainless steel spikes can cost less than some polycarbonate base spikes.

Bird proofing can be quite a simple process and pest managers can often find great opportunities for this type of work through their existing clientele. These jobs can be made even easier and more profitable by using the right product.