Bird Free Optical Gel is proving to be a popular choice for pest managers looking to protect buildings from roosting pest birds. 

Bird Free Australia has firmly established its presence in the market now that its core product, Bird Free Optical Gel, is available from both Agserv and Globe, as well as online direct to customers. Bird Free Optical Gel has been available for commercial use in Australia for the last few years but the new distribution channels mean it is now easier than ever for pest managers to get hold of.

Bird Free Optical Gel is a humane control technique that deals with roosting and nesting birds that pose a health threat and a nuisance due the mess and noise they create. With its unique, solid gel formulation pre-dosed into dishes for quick and easy placement, Bird Free Optical Gel repels birds by tapping into their innate fire avoidance behaviour. Containing unique polymers that reflect ultraviolet light, the product appears like a flame to birds. It doesn’t cause harm, it merely keeps birds away from structures by altering their behaviour, rather than acting as a physical barrier.

The gel dishes are effective even at sites where birds have presented a long-term problem. “Birds will completely desert a habitat, even one they have been using for years, when our product is applied,” said Kane Millerd from Bird Free Australia. “For long-standing roosts, they may try and return for a day or two before vacating the site for good, provided Bird Free remains in place.”

In order to test the efficacy of the product for APVMA approval, Bird Free was installed at 30 sites from 2016 to 2018, including at mining sites with incredibly harsh conditions. These test sites are still using the product and remain free of pest birds today.


The optical gel has a unique texture and shape


The optical gel is also a good choice for controlling pest birds at schools to keep students safe from the health dangers of roosting birds. Mark Glancy from D-Tec Pest Solutions in Brisbane was so impressed with the performance of Bird Free after his first school installation job that he created a testimonial video on Facebook showing the impact the gel has had at the school.

Sporting venues, such as the Gabba in Brisbane, have utilised the product to keep visitor areas free from bird droppings. Andy Mulholland from Bruin Pest Management was tasked with providing the solution to the Gabba’s bird problem and decided to install Bird Free Optical Gel. “Bird Free Optical Gel is a discreet solution to a potentially very messy problem. Our client is really happy with how effective the product has proven to be,” he commented.

Bird Free Optical Gel is available in two different dishes: standard or magnetic. The standard version is applied to surfaces with a quick dab of silicone or using the Bird Free mounting bases and sign clips (available separately). The magnetic version allows for quick and easy placement on metal surfaces. This flexibility in installation and its discreet profile has allowed the product to be used to protect a variety of buildings and structures where bird control has been problematic in the past. The dishes can be used in temperatures up to 50°C without running.

Mr Millerd says it’s important to ensure all surfaces are clear of nests, droppings and other organic debris prior to installation of the gel dishes as failure to do so will impact on performance. The use of biocidal cleaners, such as those provided by Bird Free, is also highly recommended.

To ensure that Bird Free customers feel confident in the process of site preparation and installation, Mr Millerd has created an instructional video that trade partners are required to view before purchasing the product online. “This way, we can ensure all installation jobs are successful,” he commented.

For more information, including installation manuals, visit the Bird Free website or head into Agserv or Globe. Those enquiring from New Zealand or the Pacific regions should get in touch via the website.

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