A new bird management solution from Ensystex promises proven results without the use of pesticides.

The innovation team at Ensystex have announced the launch of a radically new concept in bird control. Avithor Bird Away Visual & Olfactory Bird Repellent is 100% natural and pesticide free. It is discreet, non-harmful and, as advised by Ensystex, highly effective at repelling birds from buildings and other structures.

Regional director, Steve Broadbent, commented, “When we first started looking at this new concept, a natural gel that visually repels birds, I have to be very honest and admit, I was extremely sceptical that it could work. However, once we established our Australian trials program, I was blown away at just how well Avithor Bird Away did perform.

“Trials were conducted against a wide range of Australian bird species, in strict compliance with the Regulatory Standards defined by the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA); and 100% control was achieved in all trials.

“Avithor incorporates our ‘Flame Shield Gel Technology’, which evolved from our recent work with UV-A technology. Ensystex has lead the way in the innovative development of UV-A Insect Control Light Traps with our Vectothor range, and introduced the first rodenticide in the market with Fluo NP UV-A Tracking Technology, to overcome bait shyness.

“Avithor Bird Away gel reflects light as a sparkle in the UV-A light spectrum. Since birds see light in the UV-A spectrum, they see the sparkle which resembles flames. This virtual ‘flame shield’ visually deters the birds from landing. When first applied, especially in high pressure areas, some birds will challenge the flame shield, but this is when the olfactory component of the gel comes into play.

“Avithor Bird Away contains herbal extracts in a natural product base. If the bird gets close, it is repelled by the strong herbal odour. In the presence of Avithor Bird Away, birds will also sound a warning signal to other birds, which provides additional auditory repellence.”

Mr Broadbent continued. “Avithor Bird Away is non-toxic and non-harmful to birds. Most importantly, the birds do not make any contact with the gel at all. It works purely by visual and olfactory cues. The gel itself is discreetly applied in supplied UV stabilised, low-profile Avithor dishes for placement. It does not kill or trap birds, but immediately changes their behaviour so that they fly away. Birds will completely desert a habitat they have been using for years once it is placed. It remains effective for up to two years, or more.

Avithor Bird Away gel in supplied presentation dish

“Avithor Bird Away is an all-natural product and contains no pesticides. All components appear on the United States Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) lists of products that are Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS); and are listed in the European Pharmacopoeia Standards, (Europe’s legal and scientific benchmark for pharmacopoeial standards, designed to deliver high quality medicines in Europe and beyond), for direct application to, or consumption by, people,” said Mr Broadbent.

Avithor Bird Away has undergone significant testing in Australia.

“Avithor Bird Away works indoors or outside, and has been tested successfully in Australia against pigeons, common mynas, starlings, sparrows, swallows, willie wagtails, gulls and corellas; with birds being deterred for two years or more.”

Correct placement of the Avithor Dishes in accordance with the Avithor Bird Away installation manual is essential. Training is provided directly to professional pest managers by Ensystex’s area managers, and can also be accessed online through the Ensystex website.

Mr Mark Sheppard of PestConsult in Perth, a leading independent pest control consultant, was involved in early trials with Bird Away at a 5-star hotel complex in Perth.

“I am pleased to say that the results with Bird Away were impressive, with all the pigeons deterred immediately from the protected areas. Two years later the protected area remained bird free,” confirmed Mr Sheppard.

Mr Broadbent noted, “Installation is quick and easy, though it is imperative that the site is thoroughly cleaned beforehand. In accord with providing the highest standards of occupational health and safety for professionals, Ensystex has therefore also launched Avithor Guanaway for the effective cleaning of surfaces.

“Avithor Guanaway can be used as part of any bird management program. Avithor Guanaway controls micro- organisms associated with the clean- up of bird waste. Cleaning operators run the risk of disease resulting from inhaling micro-organisms associated with bird areas, such as psittacosis, histoplasmosis, salmonellosis, gastroenteritis (caused by E. coli) and other serious diseases.

“Avithor Guanaway is a heavy duty alkaline cleaner disinfectant, designed specifically for high risk areas, and contains 12 g/L didecyldimethylammonium chloride. It is ideal for heavy duty cleaning and disinfecting, the removal of bird droppings, the treatment of dead birds, collected nests and other such materials, as well as cleaning contaminated equipment such as boots, goggles, gloves, shovels and bins.”

Mr Broadbent concluded by advising that, “Avithor Bird Away and Guanaway complement Ensystex’s extensive Avithor range of bird control products, including our brand new Avithor E4 Bird Spikes. Produced and designed by Ensystex, these spikes are priced extremely competitively. Also in the range is Avithor Net, Avithor E-Track (electric track deterrent system), Avithor Spider, and Avithor Eagle Eye, with a number of other exciting new developments in our Innovation Development Program.”

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