Sherwood Chemicals offer three fipronil-based products for use against outdoor ants.

Treating for ants is typically one of the daily tasks pest managers face. With so many species posing a problem in outdoor areas, tackling an ant infestation means knowing your chemistry, and most likely using a combination of products to achieve colony elimination. Sherwood Chemicals has developed a range of ant control solutions that use the proven capabilities of fipronil, with FipForce HP spray concentrate, FipForce Dust and Anthem Sand Granules all formulated for use on outdoor ants.

Like termites, ants are social insects, with a structured caste system. Ants often exist in large communities (nests/colonies) within a well-defined and orderly hierarchy. Their close interaction (grooming and trophallaxis) makes them susceptible to non-repellent active ingredients such as fipronil. Fipronil can be transferred between individuals and as the active cascades through the colony, from the workers and soldiers through to the larvae and queen(s), it results in the collapse of the colony. However, it relies on formulating products at the correct concentration so that it doesn’t act too fast, allowing for complete transfer and colony control.

The first requirement of any outdoor ant treatment is to stop the ants entering the building. FipForce HP has a broad label, and can be used in general pest treatments as well as in ant treatments. For best results, the spray should reach 300 mm upwards from the base of the structure as well as 300 mm out from the edge of the structure on the ground to form a barrier around the property. Depending on the environmental conditions FipForce HP can give up to three months’ outdoor protection from foraging ants. As with all insecticides, care should be taken to avoid spraying flowers where bees tend to land.

But when ant activity covers a large area, such as over and under paved areas or in lawns, an insecticide granule treatment is an excellent option. Anthem Sand Granules are an effective way of targeting the ants. Containing 0.5 g fipronil, it the most powerful and long-lasting fipronil sand granule on the market. The granules can be brushed into paved areas and applied to lawns and large areas of turf such as sports fields and golf courses. A good dosing of water will activate the fipronil in the sand granules.

FipForce Dust is the third fipronil product in the ant armoury and is ideal for targeting cracks and crevices to prevent ant entry. It can also be used to target ants in enclosed indoor areas, such as in electrical sockets and wall voids.

With the optimal level of fipronil included in Sherwood Chemical products, the active is effectively transferred from one ant to the next, meaning they contribute to their own demise and can help eliminate nests even when the nests cannot be located. FipForce and Anthem provide pest managers with three different fipronil products/formats to tackle outdoor ant problems, no matter the situation.

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