Dual-active Temprid 75 from Bayer is an all-round ant control solution.

Ant baits are often the go-to product to deliver lasting control of problem ants. But when it comes to outdoor ants, especially with the multi-queen, multi-nest species, baits sometimes struggle to deal with the sheer numbers of ants present. In such situations an insecticide spray is often the best option, either as a standalone treatment or in combination with baits. However, choosing the right spray can be a bit problematic due to the variety of outdoor locations that may require treatment. Fortunately, Temprid 75 provides pest managers with a high-performance ant product that can be applied to all the likely outdoor treatment locations.

For many customers, the main issue with outdoor ants is that they find their way indoors. Preventing ants from entering buildings is therefore a core part of any treatment plan for dealing with outdoor ants. The trick for establishing a successful ‘barrier’ is to ensure that a wide enough spray band is applied to the external perimeter. It’s important to spray at least one metre up the walls of the building, as well as targeting potential ant entry points – around doors and windows, in weepholes and vents, and other cracks and crevices. But as ants generally travel on the ground, the need for a horizontal ground spray should not be overlooked and indeed a spray band of up to three metres out from the property, to include any adjacent garden beds or lawn, will deliver the best results.

If outdoor ants are finding their way inside the home, a good option is to combine the spray treatment with the use of baits indoors. Maxforce Quantum is a suitable choice as it has broad appeal not only to sugar-feeding ants, but to outdoor ant species that sometimes have a preference for protein or oil. For example, Maxforce Quantum is particularly attractive to Argentine ants, which have a very varied diet and are one of the key outdoor pest ants in the cooler parts of Australia. However, baits should not be used in the same areas as sprays; it’s important not to disturb the ants’ recruitment process and foraging behaviour to ensure successful bait uptake.

Of course, outdoor ant control is not just confined to perimeter treatments. In infested areas, treatment of paved areas, gardens and lawns is also required. Spraying paved areas, particularly the gaps in between pavers, will eliminate ants from the area and provide lasting protection. The Temprid 75 dual-active, SC formulation combines the pyrethroid beta-cyfluthrin with imidacloprid, providing both fast knockdown and long residual performance.

Several ant species are known for nesting in lawns, including green-head ants, big-headed ants (coastal brown ants) and funnel ants. Spraying lawn areas will provide a rapid reduction in ant numbers and the residual performance of Temprid 75 can keep ant numbers suppressed for long periods. A combination of direct nest injection and broadcast spray works best. With Temprid 75 also labelled for use against a range of other lawn pests, it provides pest managers with the opportunity to provide an add-on turf pest service, all with the same product.

During the warmer months, many of the outdoor ant species feed on honeydew produced by various sap-feeding insects, such as mealybugs. Dealing with these plant pests can help manage outdoor ant problems as it removes an important food source. However, when dealing with pests on plants it is important to consider phytotoxicity i.e. any potential adverse effects the spray may have on plant foliage and plant health. Fortunately, Temprid 75 was developed to allow safe use on ornamental plants. Indeed, it is specifically labelled for the control of a variety of sap-feeding pests. Much like its performance on lawn pests, the use of Temprid 75 on plant pests also provides pest managers with a value-add service to customers, without having to change the tank mix.

One important consideration with outdoor ant treatments, especially in exposed areas, is that spraying is not advised if rain is expected within 48 hours. This allows the insecticide to get to work and ‘stick’ to plant surfaces to maximise residual performance.

So, for outdoor ant problems, Temprid 75 is a pest manager’s high performing, flexible partner, with application allowed in all the key ant infestation areas. With its broad label also allowing indoor and outdoor use against a wide range of urban, lawn and horticultural pests, it allows for the provision of a wide range of pest services – all without changing product.

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