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Professional Pest Manager provides pest professionals with the latest pest industry news, information on the latest control techniques, new product details, research articles on pest behaviour and control from industry experts; and guidance on business management.

Providing this information in print and online, through social media, video, podcasts and more, Professional Pest Manager will keep you and your staff informed and your business up to date.

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Pest Professionals

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Pest Professionals

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Pest Professionals

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Pest Professionals

Brush up on your pest knowledge with these useful pest information reference documents, including treatment tips.

Running a Pest Control Business

Professional Pest Manager magazine has published a range of articles over the year about successfully running a pest control business. In addition to these general articles on running a business, there are a number of articles on the key topics below:

Our library has a range of articles on pest control products, formulations and how they work.

Pest control equipment is key to delivering excellent pest control services. Our library articles on pest control equipment provides useful information to pest managers.

The variety of pest control software options available to pest managers to improve business efficiencies is increasing by the year. Check out our articles to get useful information on the various options.

A number of article from pest control insurance companies.

High performing pest control sales and marketing is vital to improve business performance. Check out a range of articles in our library.

Commercial pest control is an important segment of the pest control industry and these articles provide useful insight and guidance.