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Established in 1996, Professional Pest Manager magazine is the premier independent publication for the pest control industry. Owned by BD Publications, the magazine is published four times a year and is distributed across Australia. Professional Pest Manager continues to develop its offerings to provide industry professionals with a go-to source for pest control information. The PPM Pest E-News, online copies of the magazine and access to the developing PPM library are available to industry professionals worldwide.

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Professional Pest Manager magazine has been relied on by pest professionals in Australia as a source of education and trusted information for over 20 years. Providing the latest industry news, educational articles from industry experts and information on the latest products and services from suppliers, Professional Pest Manager magazine is a valuable reference source for industry professionals. With previous issues now available online as “Flipbooks”, pest managers can access information in the office, at home or on the road.

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PPM Pest E-News is the new bi-monthly email newsletter from Professional Pest Manager magazine. Released in the alternate months to the printed magazine, readers now get the latest pest control news every month. PPM Pest E-News is not an online version of the magazine, but contains unique pest control content. With the inclusion of video and audio content, PPM E-News provides subscribers with a different learning experience.

A core element of the Professional Pest Manager offerings is the PPM library. With a library of over 1000 articles, it is the go-to source of information for the pest control industry. In addition to articles from past issues of PPM magazine and PPM Pest E-News, the library will contain scientific articles, videos, supplier information and more. With an easy to use search function, visitors can easily locate relevant information.

Pest management professionals are always looking for the latest information to improve themselves and their businesses. Professional Pest Manager is working on a number of additional offerings to educate professionals, support pest control business and make day-to-day work easier. Subscribers will get access to these opportunities FREE or at a reduced rate. Watch this space!

Professional Pest Manager offers advertisers a range of opportunities with PPM magazine and PPM Pest E-News. A range of standard advertising opportunities are available, but Professional Pest Manager prides itself in its flexibility, working with advertising partners to tailor a range of activities to meet their marketing and business goals. To discuss potential opportunities or request a media pack, advertisers should contact Phil Ridley.


Dr Phil Ridley (Publisher)

Phil Ridley has over 25 years experience in the Pest Control industry, covering a number of technical and marketing roles. After completing his PhD on “The foraging behaviour of leaf-cutting ants” at the University of Southampton in the UK, he moved to Australia to work at Reckitt Benckiser on the Mortein pest control brand. At Reckitt Benckiser he held various local and global marketing roles supporting the pest control category.

Phil then moved into the professional pest control industry, joining DuPont to set up their professional products business in Asia Pacific. During his time with DuPont he launched the Advion, Arilon and Altriset products.

In addition to running Professional Pest Manager magazine, Phil also runs Bug Doctor Media, a specialist media company that provides marketing and advertising support to pest control companies.

Fiona Fraser (Editor)

Originally from the UK, Fiona has worked in communications since 2002, beginning her career as a non-fiction book editor in London. With an Honours degree in English and editorial qualifications from the London School of Publishing, Fiona has worked in print, online content management and corporate communications in Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia.

In her role as editor of Professional Pest Manager magazine, Fiona combines her interests of working with technical literature and working across both print and digital media.