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If a rodent control program fails, is it a case of rodenticide resistance? An overview of rodenticide resistance – history, incidence, mechanism and more.
MethioSHIELD is the latest release from Sundew Solutions, a methiocarb-based pellet for controlling slugs and snails.
The chemicals emitted by bed bugs (both dead and alive) could be the key to their accurate detection and trapping.
Researchers have tested two naturally-derived substances as potential bed bug insecticides, with encouraging initial results.
Researchers have devised a simple, cost-effective approach to modern bed bug control.
The team at Sundew Solutions has devised a fast and accurate method of treating fire ants – the ANTagonistPRO Rapid Response Large Area Treatment.
Gavin Wilson, Technical and Marketing Manager ANZ for Liphatech, outlines the tools available at the pest manager’s disposable for dealing with rodents.
It has been a few years since our last Pest Pulse survey on bed bugs. So what are pest managers reporting about bed bug work now in 2024?
Brad Wynter, Chief Executive Officer at Mira, offers tips on how to ensure a smooth onboarding process when it comes to adopting new business software.
A new book focusing on the Formosan termite promises to be a relevant read for pest managers in Australia due its deep dive into Coptotermes‘ biology and behaviour.

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