Types of moths

Pest Status

To most homeowners moths are not seen as a pest. Some people may get frightening by their fluttering around, but they certainly can’t harm humans. Indeed some species can be very beautiful, but are not often seen as they are nocturnal.

However, the same cannot be said for their larval stage, the caterpillar. Caterpillars feed on plant material and they can have very voracious appetites. Whereas one or two caterpillars may not be an issue, when they occur in large numbers they can cause significant damage.

Some species, in many parts of the world, can be significant agricultural pests, such as the corn borers, bollworms and codling moths. However, for homeowners, the pest species fall into three categories:

  • Fabric or clothes moths – their caterpillars eat various fabrics and clothes
  • Pantry moths – their caterpillars eat a wide range of dried foods
  • Lawn moths – their caterpillars eat grass