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Learn about what’s involved in a general pest treatment, the benefits of using a pest professional and find answers to some common frequently asked questions on our Pest Control Services page.

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If you’re looking for a pest control company we make it easy with our Pest Control Company Locator. It allows you to find “pest control near me” that provides the services you’re looking for.

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The weather varies greatly across Australia, which means the pests in our different cities and the associated pest control problems vary too. Click on your closest city to find out about the key pests and pest control treatments in your area.

Pests in the News

At this time of year ants are causing big problems for homeowners and businesses. Before carrying out a treatment, even pest professionals need to know what types of ant are causing the problem. But the big ant news at the moment is the expansion of the fire ant problem into New South Wales. Although fire ants are currently confined to south east Queensland and northern NSW, they have the potential to invade many parts of Australia and change our way of live. Learn more about how to identify fire ants and where fire ants are found in Australia.

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