Simplifying Lawn and Garden Pest Management

Pest managers looking to add lawn care services to their offering can look to the Small Product Pack range from Indigo Specialty Products. 

Australians take immense pride in their homes’ outdoor landscapes, desiring green, pest free, and visually appealing surroundings. To maintain these spaces, many homeowners turn to pest managers for supplementary services. Indigo Specialty Products has revolutionised the task of treating residential lawns and gardens by providing pest managers with the tools to offer top-notch services to ensure lush, pest-free outdoor spaces.

Recognising this need, Brisbane-based Indigo Specialty Products has launched its Small Product Pack range, tailor-made for lawn and garden treatments. These packs include a comprehensive selection of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, plant health solutions, and a surfactant, rendering them indispensable for pest managers.

Indigo Specialty Products, a fully Australian privately owned enterprise, is fuelled by a dedicated team of industry professionals well versed in product development, manufacturing, distribution, and registration.

Peter Kirby, managing director of Indigo, highlights the company’s specialisation. “We focus on Australasian non-crop and niche horticultural markets, including turf and amenity, nursery production, industrial vegetation management, aquatics, pest control, and consumer home garden and pest management.”

The Small Product Pack range consists of versatile 500 ml and 1 L packs, easily transportable in pest managers’ vehicles for on-the-spot application in residential lawns and gardens. Two standout products in this range are Tombstone Duo, a broad-spectrum fungicide, and BroadForce MA Selective Herbicide.


Tombstone Duo from Indigo Specialty Products
Tombstone Duo from Indigo Specialty Products


Tombstone Duo, armed with active ingredients trifloxystrobin and tebuconazole, is a formidable weapon against fungal diseases. Specifically formulated to combat a range of diseases like anthracnose, brown patch (main picture, above) and dollar spot, this product boasts curative, protectant, and eradicant properties.


Dollar spot
Dollar spot is a fungal lawn disease that creates small dollar coin-sized brown patches in lawns


BroadForce MA Selective Herbicide, featuring MCPA and bromoxynil as active ingredients, is another standout product. It is registered for controlling a broad spectrum of dicot weeds across various lawn types, making it the pest managers’ preferred choice. It is safe for use on diverse lawns, including buffalo, couch, kikuyu, and others.


Broadforce MA from Indigo Specialty Products
Broadforce MA from Indigo Specialty Products


For pest managers seeking to elevate their lawn and garden pest control services, Indigo’s Small Product Packs are now available though local pest control distributors. More information can be found on the Indigo Specialty Products website.

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