Commercial Pest Control

Although many of the pest that occur in commercial accounts are the same as in residential accounts, the conditions, workplace, regulations and reporting conditions mean the the treatment methods and service intervals are often very different in commercial accounts.

Pest Control issues in commercial accounts

Insecticide resistance – when pest populations becoming increasing resistance to the effects on insecticides – is a real concern in commercial accounts. This is because in many commercial account there are regular applications of insecticide, often quarterly but sometimes monthly, especially in food management accounts. This high level of exposure to insecticides allows resistant strains to develop in populations, which can make it more difficult to keep pest issues in check.

Resistance management, which includes minimising insecticide use and rotating between insecticides with a different mode of action is important to minimise the chances of resistance developing. Learn more about managing insecticide resistance in commercial pest control accounts.

Commercial pest control products

Most pest control products are labelled for use in both residential and commercial pest control accounts. However, some products are more particularly designed for commercial situations, such as fly zappers and products for dealing with drain flies.

HACCP and Pest Control

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a process, which when applied to food management facilities, helps ensure foods are products, prepared and stored hygienically and safely. HACCP Australia are an organisation that has created an accreditation system for companies that want to carry out work in food manufacturer and for products that are to be used in this situation. As such HACCP acceditation is available for pest control companies and pest control products.

Reporting requirements

Reporting requirements are becoming increasingly strict in commercial accounts, with clients expecting regular reports and having access to reports and supporting information online. Pest Control Software provides a lot of this functionality. IoT components such as barcoding and sensors for remote management are also being integrated into commercial pest control programs.

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HACCP Australia has confirmed that there is no change to its current practices, despite the publication of a statement suggesting the scheme was being phased out. 

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