Pest IT have introduced the Tri-Flo Eradi-Flo heaters for eradication of bed bugs by whole of room heating.

Controlling bed bug infestations with chemical insecticides is challenging. With increased resistance issues, bed bug treatments often require multiple visits and call backs. As a result, pest managers and their customers are seeking alternative options such as room heat treatments.

PestIT have recently been awarded rights to distribute Colorado Tri-Flo USA’s Eradi-Flo heaters, meaning pest managers in Australia and New Zealand can now include the patented bed bug thermal solution to their treatment arsenal.

“Tri-Flo Eradi-Flo heaters provide an effective heat solution for pest managers using heat as a solution to eradicate bed bugs. With its patented air flow technology, the heaters can generate the heat and air flow necessary to kill bed bugs,” explains Peter McCarthy, managing director of PestIT. “The Eradi-Flo line of portable heaters operates on 240-volt which is a great, convenient solution for commercial and domestic situations.”

The release of Tri-Flo’s heaters into the market couldn’t have come at a better time, with the potential of an increase in bed bug activity thanks to closed hotel rooms soon to be occupied by guests with easing of domestic travel restrictions. “Bed bugs have been waiting hungrily for their next blood meal and will move into action with the first vibrations, body heat and increased carbon dioxide coming from the first unlucky guests,” said Mr McCarthy. “In fact reports are already emerging of this happening in Melbourne and Sydney at quarantine hotels.”

Bed Bug Heaters
Tri-Flo Eradi-Flo heater and fans

Available as individual heaters or as a kit to heat an average hotel room, the heaters come in large 5000-watt and small 1800-watt heaters. “For most hotel rooms a series of large and small heaters and Tri-Flo fans will be needed. The heaters are capable of heating rooms at above 60oC. However for bed bugs, several hours of sustained heat above 50oC will be suffcient to kill all stages of bed bugs. Rooms can be ‘handed back’ to a hotel on the same day of treatment which is a major win for the hotel industry,” said Mr McCarthy.

Wireless sensors for bed bug heater treatment
A wireless temperature sensor placed in room ensures the target temperature is achieved throughout the room

An infrared laser thermometer is provided with all hotel packages to monitor the temperature in all corners of the room. Most hotel rooms may need five to six hours for effective results, with the length of exposure varying depending on construction materials and how well the room is insulated.

“Of course, the exposure time can be reduced with more heaters in the room. Because the heaters are portable and flexible, cold spots when identified can be eliminated by moving the heaters and fans position during the treatment,” said Mr McCarthy.

Tri-Flo provides training to users and awards a Master Heat Technician certificate to those who undergo the training with PestIT in Australia. PestIT should be contacted directly for more information.

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