Bedlam aerosol is the ideal spot treatment product for bed bugs, even working on resistant populations. Ideal for hotel treatments.

Pests in hotels and motels tend to be of a more personal nature. Bed bugs, fleas and lice are all looking for a blood meal and are more than happy to share a bed with a hotel guest. When dealing with these pests, it’s important the product you use has been developed for these sensitive situations. Bedlam aerosol is not only specifically labelled for these pests, but has been designed to be used on mattresses, bedding, upholstery, curtains and carpets.

Bedlam has proven performance on direct spray against even the most resistant bed bugs, making it an ideal option for your bed bug treatment program as highlighted in the Bed Bug Code of Practice. With its extendable nozzle it provides a targeted treatment, getting into the gaps in beds and floorboards, where bed bugs like to hide.

Bedlam bed bug aerosol
Bedlam aerosol targets bed bugs, lice and dust mites

And because it’s often necessary to be discrete when carrying out pest inspections and treatments in hotels and motels, Bedlam aerosol ensures you have an option in your pocket to carry out any spot treatment without having to go down to the ute to pull out the big guns.

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