Bedlam aerosol from Sumitomo allows for easy residual treatment of bed bugs. 

Certainly insecticide resistance in bed bugs is on the increase, but “aerosol-based pyrethroids are still effective at killing even the most resistant strain when sprayed directly at the insect.” (Lilly et al., Austral Entomology, 2017). It therefore makes great sense for pest managers involved in bed bug control to have a specialist bed bug aerosol as part of their treatment options.

Bedlam aerosol has been specifically developed for bed bug use and has been tested on resistant strains. Its combination of pyrethroid and synergist delivers excellent control of adult bed bugs and prevents egg hatch, making it ideal for spot treatments. It also keeps working as a residual treatment on susceptible strains for up to two weeks.

Offering additional performance on dust mites and lice, Bedlam is the ideal product for a range of bedding pest issues and its water-based formulation provides pest managers with the confidence they won’t stain mattresses.

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Charles McClintock, Professional Products Business Manager, Sumitomo Chemical Australia

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