Protect against bed bugs without the use of insecticides by using a quality zip-fastened mattress protector.

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding bed bug mattress protectors, or encasements, and their effectiveness in bed bug treatments. It is important to know how these products work to understand how they can benefit both the customer and the pest manager.

Pest Defence Bed Bug Mattress and Base Protectors are full encasements that wrap around the entire mattress or base and zip closed. They lock shut with a secure seal to prevent the zipper unzipping.

Firstly, the use of encasement prevents the possible infestation of a brand new mattress and bed base. This allows customers to sleep better knowing their mattress is free of bed bugs, and will continue to be so. The encasements allow them to keep their expensive mattresses and bases safe, potentially saving them hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Secondly, protectors can be used when an infestation has been identified. By sealing the infested mattress or base inside the secure encasement, the bed bugs are contained and are unable to escape – and therefore unable to bite. Pest managers can offer their customers peace of mind, as the bed bugs are tightly locked away. The bed bugs eventually die from starvation.

The use of encasements also eliminates the need for any form of chemical control to be used on the sleeping surface. Avoiding close chemical contact is preferred by customers, and removing the bed as a source also allows the technician to focus their attention on other areas of possible infestation, saving both time and money.

Benefits of using a bedding protector:

  • Allows the pest manager to stop the movement of bed bugs at problem accounts
  • Eliminates the need to apply chemicals to the mattress
  • Proactively protects against potential future bed bug infestations
  • Protects new bedding and salvages infested bedding
  • Increases times between potential re-infestations
  • Bed bug entry-proof and escape-proof
  • Prevents customers from being bitten
  • Makes inspections more efficient by removing a problematic part of the equation.

These performance benefits give rise to significant financial benefits. Apart from the initial ‘up-sell’ of a product of mutual benefit, it saves money through reduced callbacks, shortened inspection times on planned follow-up visits and eliminated bedding treatments (time saving and reduced chemical use).

Pest Defence range of bed bug mattress and base protectors is available through Globe Pest Solutions.

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