Ultrathor X – Next Generation Termite Protection

Ultrathor X Termiticide and Insecticide from Ensystex delivers improved flow and dispersal for a class-leading label and injection intervals of up to 450 mm.


Go With the Flow – Ultrathor X, Next Generation Termite Protection

The micro-fine particles of Ultrathor X Termiticide and Insecticide from Ensystex have class-leading flow properties through the soil, forming the invisible Ultrathor X Termite Defence Zone. The real benefit to pest managers, from this flow profile of Ultrathor X, arises during the application phase; Ultrathor X has a class-leading label allowing for rod injection at 450 mm intervals in most soil types, and 350 mm intervals in heavy clay soils.

In addition, Ultrathor X is uniquely labelled for the control of termites and all other crawling insect pests.

Ultrathor X drill distanceA rigorous series of independently monitored trials simulating application in the manner termiticides are applied by professional pest managers proved the soil penetration properties, which has resulted in this class-leading APVMA-approved label.

Most homes are surrounded by pavers or concrete pathways. The areas under these pathways are veritable termite highways, that must be treated, usually by rod injection, to provide protection. This becomes challenging when hot water heaters or air-conditioner units are present. In such situations it remains vital that there are no gaps in the termite defence zone. This is simply not possible with most products. Ultrathor X is different though, since it provides for holes to be spaced up to 450 mm apart, making it easy to protect these areas.

For customers with homes featuring decorative tiles, the hole spacings of 150-200 mm on most product labels means the holes need to be drilled in the middle of these tiles. Even if this drilling doesn’t crack the tiles, the tiles look unsightly with a big hole in the middle. Check out the consumer video (below).



The exceptional flow properties of Ultrathor X ensure holes can always be drilled in the grout between the tiles, so they are less conspicuous. And of course, fewer holes means less drilling for pest managers, and more competitive pricing for clients.

So how does Ultrathor X protect the property being treated? The unique, micro-fine Ultrathor X solution flows rapidly and evenly through the soil before binding tightly to the soil particles, to provide long-term protection against termites. Ensystex’s proprietary low-repellent fipronil ensures the termites are completely unaware of its presence in the soil and readily pass into the Ultrathor X termite defence zone.

The Ultrathor X Viral Transfer Effect enables the fipronil to pass from one termite to another. So, even termites that have not passed through the Ultrathor X termite defence zone can become infected. Just like a virus spreads, Ultrathor X can spread through the population, eliminating termites.

With Ultrathor X dispersing more evenly through the soil, it’s been proven to fully meet the requirements of Australian Standard AS 3660: Termite Management, which expects a horizontal termite defence zone to be complete and continuous down to a depth of 80 mm.

Ultrathor X is the only fipronil-based product in the market that has APVMA approval for control of all species of crawling insects together with rod injection spacings at up to 450 mm. So, one product, Ultrathor X, does it all.

Ultrathor X

Ultrathor X is available now through the Ensystex website.