Greenzone Launches Two New Termiticide Products

Greenzone has launched Bifenthrin and Fipronil in its latest release of termite control products.

2023 has been a big year in the expansion of the Greenzone product range. The year began with the additions of Termite Paint, Primer and Sealant and is now followed by the launch of two termiticide products: Greenzone Bifenthrin 100 Low Odour Termiticide and Insecticide (EC) and Greenzone Fipronil Residual Termiticide and Insecticide (SC). The addition of these products means Greenzone is a one-stop shop for termite professionals to access a range of pre- and post-construction termite protection products.

Pest managers have the choice between two different chemistries – bifenthrin, a ‘repellent’ pyrethroid and fipronil, a non-repellent – to select the appropriate product for their particular situation. Bifenthrin and fipronil are two of the most trusted insecticides used by pest managers and in addition to their use as longlasting termiticides, they provide great options for general pest treatments too.

“Once the word got out that we had added Bifenthrin and Fipronil to our range in early October, I received quite a few messages from very excited pest managers, who couldn’t wait to start using our chemicals,” said Brett Bowey, Greenzone’s general manager. “And so far, the general feedback from clients has been great. They’re impressed with the efficacy of Greenzone’s Bifenthrin and Fipronil.”

Made in Australia, Greenzone’s SC formulation Fipronil is the termiticide of choice. Data currently available indicates that this product, when applied as a soil treatment around or under a building or structure in accordance with the label, will be effective against subterranean termites for a minimum period of eight years.


White bottle of Greenzone fipronil with black screw top
Greenzone Fipronil


Greenzone Fipronil Residual Termiticide and Insecticide is also labelled for ants and will control ants by direct contact and residual activity on treated surfaces. When applied as a surface spray as directed, the product will give up to three months’ control of ants and is best applied as ant activity increases in early spring. A follow-up application during summer may be required.

Greenzone Fipronil is available in a 5 L container, a good size for domestic or commercial applications.

Alongside the Fipronil, Greenzone has also launched Bifenthrin. Formulated in Australia and available in a 10 L container, Greenzone’s Bifenthrin is a versatile chemical that can effectively control a variety of pests, including termites, ants, cockroaches, and more.


White bottle of Greenzone Bifenthrin with a black screw top
Greenzone Bifenthrin


“Greenzone’s Bifenthrin EC is a long-lasting protector. It’s a trusted termite active and its residual action ensures that treated areas remain pest-free for an extended period. It’s also an excellent choice for outdoor pest control, in and around homes and commercial properties in Australia,” explained Mr Bowey.

In early September 2023 the Greenzone team had the opportunity to visit Accensi – the company that produces Greenzone’s Bifenthrin and Fipronil – in Narangba, in the northern suburbs of Brisbane. The team were able to tour the enormous Accensi production facilities, watch the labelling of the Greenzone Bifenthrin and Fipronil containers and inspect the finished product on large pallets, ready for dispatch.


Greenzone team in his vis vests and hard hats
The Greenzone team visiting the Accensi production facilities in September 2023. L-R: Brett Bowey (general manager), Paul Commerford (director and founder), Nathalie Clerk (QLD account manager), Mark Harrison (NSW account manager)


Mr Bowey believes that these new Australian-made products, developed by an Australian-owned company, will continue to hit the mark with professional pest managers.

“We believe that our loyal customers and people who appreciate the Australian-made element will continue to buy Greenzone products,” he said.

“What’s more, Greenzone has even more new products that will hit the market in the coming months. Watch this space!”