The continual refining of its termite barrier product has led to Jinhong Australia gaining a foothold in the Australian termite market.

Jinhong Australia has been proactive in finding the competitive edge in the pre-construction termite barrier market since launching Jinhong TPB at the AEPMA conference in August 2014.

“The Jinhong and Agserv team have been analysing the feedback on market requirements from the most important people in the installation process, the installers of pre-construction termite barriers,” said Clyde Freeman, technical director of Jinhong Australia.

“This feedback has allowed Jinhong Australia the flexibility, through its direct association with the manufacturing plant, to dramatically improve its already high quality product, the Jinhong TPB.”

Technical advancements in the manufacturer’s laminating process has enabled Jinhong Australia to refine the Jinhong TPB to make the leading edge changes required of it in the market place.

The major changes include the thickness, weight and durability of the Jinhong TPB.

“Pest managers will find that these changes will bring several benefits and advantages,” continued Mr Freeman. “Firstly, the inner core blanket thickness has been halved. This has substantially reduced the weight of the 50m rolls, which is a great OH&S benefit.

“The overall strength of the barrier has increased. This has been achieved by increasing the thickness of the bottom layer.

“There has been a reduction in the chance of damage to the Jinhong TPB during and after installation. This has been achieved by reducing the thickness at corner folds, overlaps and doorways, and has allowed greater ease for the bricklaying process and less chance of damage by other trades.

“During the lamination process Jinhong have increased the adhesion to eliminate issues relating to deltamethrin sensitivity, water transfer (wicking) through the middle layer, and to provide a continuous edge seal when cutting product.”

Other features and benefits of the Jinhong TPB that pest managers should be aware of are that it has:

  • Damp Proof Course (DPC) Testing and approval by CSIRO Engineering to meet AS/NZS 4347: 1995. This gives the Jinhong TPB a two in one capability
  • CodeMark Certification SAIG–CM 20096
  • APVMA registration (Approval No 69617)
  • HIA GreenSmart Partner
  • Ecospecifier Accreditation
  • 50-year life expectancy
  • 50-year warranty (terms & conditions apply).

“All the improvements that have been made to the Jinhong TPB mean that it is ideally suited for use by Australian pest managers,” added Mr Freeman.

“And of course, the Jinhong TPB also has full technical support and backup from qualified staff with building, pre- construction and training experience at Agserv.”