Pre-construction termite treatments and products

Pre-construction termite products are installed during the construction of new buildings, extensions and renovations.

Why do you need termite protection?

The chances of your home being attacked by termites is more than fire, flood and other natural disaster combined and yet termite damage is not covered in standard home insurance. CSIRO estimate that at least 1 in 5 homes will be attacked by termites during their lifetime. As such most states have building codes / regulations that require termite protection to be incorporated into the building during construction.

Termite treatment regulations

The national building codes and Australian Standards detail what termite protection measures are required. To have a compliant termite protection, various termite pre-construction products need to be integrated with the construction elements of the building to eliminate potential hidden termite entry points. The termite protection system should be design prior to construction beginning. Failure to have suitable termite protection in place is likely to cause delay in building approvals and costly remedial action to ensure compliance.

How do termite pre-construction products work?

Termite pre-construction products like termite management systems that are applied to existing buildings are designed to prevent conceal termite entry. The work with construction elements of the building to block hidden termite entry points and providing nothing is done by the homeowner or tradesman to compromise the system, the only way for termites to enter the house will be to build their mud tubes in visible locations which can be easily spotted during a regular termite inspection.

Termite pre-construction products

There are wide range of construction products to protect exterior cavity walls, piers and sub-floor constructions, and utility pipes. In many cases these are physical products (either soft or hard plastic, or sometime metal), although sometime the plastic products are also impregnated with insecticide.

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