A new reticulation system has entered the market, in the form of Termseal Australia’s Termite-Pro Perimeter Retreatment System. 

Termseal Australia’s newest termite control system, the Termite-Pro Perimeter Retreatment System, has been designed to protect both new and existing homes. Using pipe made by one of the world’s most respected manufacturers of reticulation systems, Termseal’s retreatment system is proven to deliver protection against termites for Australian buildings.

Termseal started with a high quality pipe that met a specific set of criteria. From there, the system was developed from the ground up because, as with any new termite management component or system, it starts with an idea which must be developed within the requirements of AS3660.3-2014.

Based on over 25 years of experience, the Termseal team has the experience to develop a thoughtfully engineered and high performing reticulation system. It comfortably delivers the required amount of liquid into the soil along the building perimeter in a way that requires fewer charging points. The new system is inherently simple – it delivers the control agent by soil injection not a drip feed. The inexpensive kit is light, easy to carry on sites and is supported by a company that prides itself on support and training for its accredited users.

The Termite-Pro Perimeter Retreatment System uses a robust pipe and emitter valves at 100mm spacings to give reliable soil coverage, delivering consistent volumes of up to a 35-metre run distance. Any registered termiticide that allows certified systems can be used. Simple to assemble, the system can be easily installed at the same time as a conventional hand spray soil perimeter treatment is carried out, with the Termseal system being used in the future to replenish the treatment.

Hand spraying a conventional soil perimeter treatment

The system has been designed to be suitable for all construction types, including for the edge beam construction common in WA. When combined with Termseal Universal Penetration Lock Collars, it provides full house protection. Not only does the system comply with AS 3660.1-2014, which requires replenishable soil treatments under concealed and inaccessible areas, it is also CodeMark accredited.

The AS3660.3-2014 Standard was written and scrutinised by industry figures a few years ago to make sure that all termite system installers deliver systems that meet a common set of criteria – and that they work. Before this, it may have been up to the APVMA to verify testing criteria or an independent industry expert to offer an opinion. Now, we have a set of criteria that every product has to meet before it is used. Importantly, having a clear Standard also demonstrates to others outside the pest management industry, such as building certifiers, that the products perform as specified.

The Termseal retreatment system has been tested in several different situations, allowing for the variation that exists across Australian building sites. Samples of the soil treated in these trials were then stored in foil-lined paper bags and tested in an analytical laboratory to ensure they contained the correct amount of active ingredient, according to AS3660.3-2014. The system passed all such tests. Termseal has ensured that the system can deliver a retreatment many years after the installation and has spent many months fine-tuning to make it is as user-friendly as possible.

For the Termite-Pro Perimeter Retreatment System to gain CodeMark accreditation, a great deal of independent assessment and verification of Termseal’s product development work was undertaken. The CodeMark Australia Accreditation Scheme, which runs under the auspices of the Australian Building Codes Board, has many rigorous specifications that any product must meet before it will gain accreditation.

Termseal provided details not only of its soil testing, but details of the quality manufacturing procedures undertaken by the manufacturers of the components used to make up the system. Details were also provided regarding the product sourcing, and supply and feedback mechanisms that have been set up by Termseal, as providers of the system. The costly process took many months, as can be imagined. The Certificate of Conformity is a verification, in Termseal’s case, that its retreatment system meets the requirements of the relevant parts of the Australian Standard, and, therefore, the criteria of BCA (Building Code of Australia) 2018.

Pest managers who are interested in becoming accredited installers of the Termite-Pro Perimeter Retreatment System can read the Certificate of Conformity in conjunction with the product installation manual to fully understand how to use the system, before completing a short accreditation questionnaire.

The team at Termseal Australia welcomes questions from pest managers who are interested to learn more.