JH Envirtech offers a deltamethrin-based termite barrier system, which is available from Agserv. 

Looking ahead for 2020, JH Envirtech and Agserv would like to invite even more pest managers to become accredited installers for the JH Termite Barrier System. According to Clyde Freeman, technical consultant for JH Envirtech, the constant development and refining of the sheet material is paying dividends for all involved with the JH Termite Barrier system, with many pest managers now choosing the system as their go-to product on pre-construction jobs.

The JH Termite Barrier consists of a deltamethrin-impregnated geosynthetic blanket laminated top and bottom with a high impact polyurethane membrane, providing a combined physical/chemical termite barrier and damp proof course. In addition to the pre-moulded corners, the company offers JH Hard Collars, which meet AS.3660.1.2014 requirements.

The JH Termite Barrier is also considered environmentally sound, having both Codemark certification (CM20096) and APVMA approval. JH Envirtech is proud to be listed as an Ecospecifier and HIA GreenSmart Partner. As a GreenSmart Partner, JH Envirtech is one of several national product suppliers that delivers sustainable products for the housing industry and supports one of Australia’s first professional green building initiatives.

JH Termite Barrier perimeter installation highlighting pre-formed corners Floor-level stepdown with JH Termite Barrier covering the blockwork

Kris Penfold of City Coast Pest Solutions in Albion Park Rail, NSW, believes the JH Envirtech Termite Barrier has several qualities that make it stand out from other products on the market.

“The membrane is thinner and more pliable than thicker barriers – this allows for an easier and more time effective installation,” he explained. “Pre-made corners create a neater finish and reduce the amount of tape required compared to cutting and taping corners the traditional way. The snakeskin texture grabs and holds well on brickwork.

“The Termite Barrier also doubles as a DPC in some cases and doesn’t hold the moisture like other termite barriers. Overall, JH Envirtech Termite Barrier is less bulky and time-consuming during installations.”

Mr Penfold also noted that the way the barrier is manufactured in several pre-cut widths and supplied in convenient carry bags makes it easy to take material to and from job sites. The competitive price point was another benefit.

Troy Moon of Termiteator in Melbourne specialises in pre-construction termite control and also favours the JH Termite Barrier.

“I have found The JH system to be excellent. The product is durable and can be also used as a DPC, unlike some other products,” he explained.

“The national sales manager Clyde is also extremely helpful – he vets everyone buying the product to make sure it doesn’t disappear off the shelves by unregistered pest technicians. He is also readily available to speak to me or my builders about any clarification or concerns regarding JH products. JH also manufactures separate corners for the slab, which makes the technicians responsible for installing it correctly.

“JH also offers all our valued builders and their clients a 50-year Termite Management Warranty. We are happy to be a part of the JH team and hope to continue buying this product from Agserv for many years to come.”

JH Envirtech believes providing technical support to installers such as Mr Penfold and Mr Moon is a top priority, helping with the process from estimating for the varying building designs through to final sheet size selection. Accredited installers receive support from highly experienced staff who have excellent building, pre-construction and training know-how.

Professional pest managers are invited to join the 2020 vision and the growing number of JH Termite Barrier installers across the country.