Bug Doctor Media offers marketing support for pest control businesses, delivered by a team that truly understands the industry. 

There are plenty of companies offering marketing, website and advertising services, but how many of them know anything about pest control? Success in generating any marketing material is about having clear objectives and a deep understanding of the customer needs. So, when you are spending your hard earned marketing dollars it would make sense to turn to a marketing company that knows a thing or two about the pest control industry; especially today, when ‘content is king’!

Bug Doctor Media is a unique marketing company focused solely on the pest control industry. Launched by Dr Phil Ridley six months ago, Bug Doctor Media is truly the specialist in pest control marketing. With over 20 years of experience in the pest control industry, in a variety of corporate marketing (and R&D) positions, Mr Ridley’s experience means that Bug Doctor Media has the expertise to deliver insightful marketing material.

Bug Doctor Media is a ‘one-stop marketing shop’ for all your marketing needs. There’s no need to go to one company for website design, another for Google advertising or a third for graphic design, Bug Doctor Media can do it all:

  • Brand development
  • Advertising – online and traditional
  • Web design and development
  • Social media strategy and implementation • Content marketing
  • Videos
  • E-newsletters
  • Graphic design
  • Business support.

“We believe we offer a fairly unique service to the pest control industry. Covering all aspects of marketing communications, from logo development, to website design, from videos to online advertising campaigns, we can ensure all your activities are co-ordinated to ensure your marketing efforts all pull in the same direction,” said Mr Ridley.

“Apart from being a one-stop marketing shop, our knowledge of pests and the pest control industry sets us apart. Generalist marketing companies struggle to produce the specialist pest control content you require, something that comes as second nature to us. We talk your language and allow you to feel good about your investment.”

Mr Ridley continued, “Our recent ant guide booklet for Sumitomo and DVD – ‘How to Protect your Home from Termites’ are examples of items which few marketing companies could generate in-house.

“Of course with our pest control experience, we can do a lot more than just generate your marketing material, we can be a sounding board for any of your business ideas and help you solve problems when they occur.”

Whatever your marketing need, Bug Doctor Media is the industry-marketing professionals, here to help.