Using unique encapsulation technology, Demand 100CS from Syngenta is a sensible choice when it comes to protecting homes from mosquitoes.


Summer is here, and with the hot weather comes mosquito season. As people spend more time in their backyards, they’ll turn to professional pest managers for help with implementing an effective treatment plan – especially when mozzie coils and repellent sprays just don’t cut it, and they need a solution that lasts.

To provide reliable mosquito control this summer, Syngenta is highlighting the benefits of Demand 100CS, an advanced broad-spectrum insecticide that is effective against a wide range of pests, including mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, fleas, flies, silverfish and spiders. The active ingredient in Demand 100CS, lambda-cyhalothrin, uses advanced iCAP technology developed by Syngenta’s R&D team. This technology encapsulates the active ingredient in a polymer microcapsule suspended in water, protecting it from harsh environmental conditions – for example, UV rays and pH extremes – so it remains on treated surfaces for longer.

One single treatment of Demand 100CS releases as many as 10,000 microcaps per 6.5 cm2. Once an insect crawls over a treated area, the microcapsules easily adhere to the waxy scales on its body, and it can transfer them to other insects it comes into contact with. In time, the active ingredient is released from the spongy inner structure of the microcapsules through the walls, providing a rapid knockdown effect followed by a quick kill.

Demand 100CS is also designed to provide long-lasting control. The product’s suspension contains a mix of different sized microcapsules, resulting in a steady release of the active ingredient. This extends control for up to 12 months indoors, and up to three months outdoors. When applied to vegetation, Demand 100CS controls mosquitoes for up to 14 weeks. However, in the height of the mosquito season, re-applications should be planned every 10 weeks to ensure maximum protection is maintained between visits.

Compared to traditional insecticides, excellent longevity of control can be achieved with fewer applications, fewer re-treatments and less chemicals sprayed around the home. Demand 100CS is a flexible solution for a wide range of situations and is suitable for council areas, garden spaces, backyard shrubs and ornamental plants that provide shelter for mosquitoes in summer. The solution mixes quickly, applies easily and sprays cleanly, saving professional pest managers valuable time and labour while out on a job. It is also cost effective, as one litre of Demand 100CS makes up 200 litres of spray at the highest rate, or 400 litres at the maintenance rate. Customers will be happy that the water-based solution is low odour and doesn’t stain.

Demand 100CS is a reliable solution that delivers a summer season uninterrupted by pests, so you as a pest manager can reap the benefits of reduced callbacks and more satisfied customers. A more enjoyable summer for everyone.