David Grays manufactures a range of mosquito products, including granules and aerosol sprays.

David Gray & Co is a Western Australian company that has been involved in mosquito control since 1939. Back then the only successful active ingredient available was DDT, a chemical that was responsible for saving many lives from mosquito-borne malaria, although rarely used today.

Chemical control of mosquitoes has changed significantly since those days, with many of the current products utilising active ingredients from the range of synthetic pyrethroids that have been subsequently developed. David Grays has developed a range of mosquito products, three of which are based on pyrethroids. Described by David Grays as the ‘Fab-4’, these products provide pest managers with mosquito control solutions for a wide range of situations. The products are specifically designed to control mosquitoes and eliminate their potential for breeding.

David Grays developed its own Thermal Fogging and ULV Mosquito Adulticide, which gives fast and economical knock-down. The fogging concentrate contains a combination of pyrethroid and synergist (piperonyl butoxide) and is a suitable choice for residential areas, sports grounds, mining centres and in mosquito eradication campaigns. The product is best applied with a fogging unit, which can also be obtained from David Grays.


David Grays Thermal Fogging and ULV Mosquito Adulticide


David Grays Bifenthrin Aqua with 100 g/L bifenthrin is a water-based synthetic pyrethroid product that can be used around external areas and surrounds in domestic, commercial, public and industrial buildings and structures. At the higher rate of 100 mL/10 L of water, the product provides rapid knockdown of mosquitoes and can also be used where maximum residual protection is desired. The lower rate of 50 mL/10 L of water can be used for follow-up treatments. It will also control ants, cockroaches, fleas, flies and ticks.

The third pyrethroid-based product in the range is the easy to use Aerosol Outdoor Fogger with Citronella. This product also contains two synthetic pyrethroids, providing a short-term residual effect. It is handy for spraying around foliage and household yards, picnic grounds and any surrounds where mosquitoes rest. The aerosol is traditionally a consumer product, however many pest managers find it a useful addition to their toolkit.

To target mosquito larvae, David Grays also manufactures Graybate Mosquito Larvicide Granules, which is available in two strengths: 10 g/kg temephos and 50 g/kg temephos. The higher concentrate product is typically used for aerial application. This is the ideal product for controlling mosquito and midge larvae in breeding areas, with ground application of the granules eliminating the larvae in swamps, marshes, dams and open water.

Although David Grays is based in Western Australia the company ships nationally, so pest managers across the country can access its ‘Fab-4’ mosquito products with ease.