Dion Peters, CEO of Exterminex Australia, outlines what sets this particular termite bait apart from others on the market.


Exterminex began its ambitious launch into the termite management industry in Western Australia close to a decade ago. Galvanised by a single and powerful word, ‘preferred’, we sought to discover the key elements that make up what professional operators in the industry refer to as the ‘preferred’ bait that can attract termites.

When it comes to termite management, regardless of the product currently in use, the primary objective of a professional pest manager is to manage and reduce the risks of ongoing issues or to resolve the problem of re-infestations effectively and efficiently as per the Australian Standard.

The management of active termites constitutes a thorough inspection, and a solid management scheme that includes a plan to control the colony, as well as a plan to alter the environment to prevent ongoing issues. These should be routinely supervised with regular follow-up inspections.

Total colony elimination must be achieved at all costs. Quick fix solutions or methods whereby the application of chemical has been applied without controlling a nearby-concealed colony can lead to continual damage, which potentially pose ongoing structural, safety, and legal issues if the nest is not eliminated.

A common successful scenario where these risks have been reduced involves the pest manager simply eliminating the colony first with a quality bait prior to the application of chemicals to the soil. By doing so, the pest manager is able to save the client further costs in damages and to avoid the potential legal headaches, because he/she were able to prevent issues such as locking termites into a structure, or relying on methods that cannot con rm colony elimination at initial stages.

In our quest to design and perfect the ‘preferred’ bait that matches strict industry standards, Exterminex has, since its inception in 2011, invested in vigorous and continuous R&D at all our research development sites, as well as undertaken continuous improvement efforts on the ground.

The bait matrix is one of the key elements that sets Exterminex apart from its competitors. Made from a highly palatable, natural form of cellulose with attractants and unique feeding stimulants, the Exterminex bait ensures termites forage onto the bait quickly and continuously. When using our unique formulation, pest managers will notice a distinct colour and smell. Additionally, they will note that Exterminex bait has a quick uptake, which is due to the natural form matrix.


Coptotermes spp. readily feed on Exterminex and in some instances will consume 300g of mixed bait in three days


Since the initial development of Exterminex in Australia, the brand has exhibited exceptional growth by expanding its supply portfolio to licensed professionals across Asia, Africa, and the Middle-East, covering countries such as Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Macau, Israel, Seychelles, Thailand and Pakistan, among others. Our success in tackling and eliminating an exhaustive list of subterranean termite species in different regions based on data obtained on different soil conditions and feeding preferences, is testament of our bait efficacy and palatability.

Exterminex has also demonstrated success throughout Asia in eliminating a wider range of subterranean termite species such as the Coptotermes gestroi, Coptotermes curvignathus and also Macrotermes sp. and Globitermes sp.. Locally, Exterminex bait has proven a reliable and consistent termite bait for immediate interception, consumption and management against Coptotermes acinaciformis, Schedorhinotermes sp. and has also shown impressive results on challenging termite species such as the Coptotermes frenchi, Nasutitermes sp. and Heterotermes sp..


Exterminex palatability is proven, where some other baits may not work on Nasutitermes spp. or C. frenchi (photo credit: Nick Peebles, Certified Inspections)


Exterminex has become one of the leading manufacturers of an integrated traditional termite baiting system to protect buildings, properties and homes from termite infestations. The confidence in its performance has quickly grown and it has become a trusted system to protect numerous vulnerable wooden structures in the region such as royal palaces, famous theme parks, forestry plantations, commercial buildings and historical heritage sites.

In order to improve accessibility of the product to a wider market, the Exterminex baiting system was relaunched in collaboration with Globe Pest Solutions in 2018. This partnership has provided a convenient platform for pest managers to acquire the product across Globe stores nationwide. And as of November 4, 2020, Exterminex will be available direct to registered pest control operators through a new, easy to use, updated online ordering portal, backed by training and support.

At Exterminex, we continuously strive for innovation and improvement of our products. In recent years we have found success with new product developments such as a non-active fluro bait matrix used in conjunction with UV light to identify multiple species and to assist in initial feeding, and also in DNA profiling in Asia. Current research and product developments are also underway to ease the use of the bait with our In-Ground system, the progress of which will be announced in due course.

We also listen to the needs of our clients and have released newly APVMA approved packaging sizes in 3 kg, 1 kg and 500 g boxes, packed individually in 100 g bags. Our In-Ground system consists of an 80 mm station and now a larger 110 mm In-Ground station to better suit soil and environmental conditions.

We welcome you to be part of our Exterminex Authorised Applicator (EAA) Program. Simply log on to our website and register your details. Our priority is to create consistency, reliability and quality assurance on site all the time, every time.


Dion Peters, CEO, Exterminex Australia