Those looking to offer Sentricon AlwaysActive as part of their termite control solutions can take part in a free online training program. 

Ongoing training is essential to every business, providing updates on industry changes, new approaches and products, as well as keeping staff fresh and engaged.

However, finding the time to achieve minimum requirements to maintain quality accreditations can sometimes be a challenge, not to mention the expense. This is particularly so for smaller businesses and those in regional and remote locations who may need to travel extensive distances to join training sessions.

Online learning has rapidly become the preferred training tool – it can be done anywhere, anytime. It can fit into work schedules, even when changes occur at the last minute.

Sentricon AlwaysActive training is provided via an online course through the Sentricon website. Businesses need to be registered prior to gaining access, simply by calling 1800 629 606 during business hours. After a business is set up, any number of employees can complete the training when it suits them. And, it’s free.

The AlwaysActive course covers: termite damage; termite species and identification; termite behaviour; Sentricon Always Active overview; active ingredient and mode of action; station placement and installation; ongoing monitoring; and how to identify colony elimination. A 100% correct pass mark is required for certification.

The same website also hosts the current technical manual, CodeMark accreditation, various brochures, success stories and instructional videos. The Sentricon AlwaysActive online learning module is the base entry training for Sentricon. Later this year, an advanced technical training module will be added to the online learning.