Sydney pest manager Robert Taboas shares his experience of using Bayer’s termite baiting solution to treat a major termite infestation at a school. 

Robert Taboas from Masters Pest Control in Sydney, was recently called to quote on a termite infestation at a public school in Holsworthy, NSW. Initial consultation and inspection revealed a major termite infestation in one of their buildings: multiple entry points, a large amount of damage and Coptotermes were identified.

“The school advised that they’d had the buildings treated only a couple of years ago and didn’t understand how the termites had returned so aggressively and so soon,” said Mr Taboas. “I asked how the previous pest company had treated them and they said they used foam in the workings. In my opinion, the colony was never eradicated correctly; more than likely they had been disturbed and had retreated, and eventually returned after a few months, considering how large the infestation and workings were throughout.”

Mr Taboas assessed the treatment options. “The school wanted a non-toxic option, and a guarantee that the colony would be 100% eradicated,” he said. “They also wanted no toxic chemicals to be sprayed in sub-floor barriers, but this wasn’t really an option anyway as the whole sub-floor was full of stored items throughout.

“The obvious solution was Bayer’s Agenda Termite Baiting System. We recommended the use of above-ground bait stations, as well as monitoring stations along perimeters, although the latter was rejected as they did not want ongoing costs.” Above-ground baiting was the agreed solution.

“We used Bayer’s Agenda bait matrix, as it’s a simple and easy to use mixing solution that avoids any cross contamination from your hands,” explained Mr Taboas. “The large foil pouches feed the colony for longer periods before replacement is required and the [chlorfluazuron] bait is extremely palatable.

“As I have used it previously on other active termites, I knew it would be ideal for this job. The school loved the idea of a non-toxic solution and that we could monitor the consumption and visually see the termites consume the bait matrix,” he said.

“Once we got started, the termites took the bait first hit and in multiple locations. It was perfect! After approximately four months of consistently feeding the large colony, we were 100% successful in eliminating the colony. In the end we had half bags left uneaten and many dead soldiers within the bait matrix.

“We followed up with a couple more inspections a few months apart with no sign of a single termite,” he added. Following the successful treatment, the school undertook major repairs throughout the building and advised Mr Taboas they had not seen a single termite within the damage or workings.

“It’s a great success story and I will continue to recommend and use Bayer’s Agenda Termite Baiting System,” conclude Mr Taboas.

Bayer’s Agenda Termite System is available exclusively through Garrards.