Globe Pest Solutions is offering Australian pest managers a new termite baiting system, Exterminex, which has been popular in the Asian pest market for some time. 

Exterminex, a termite baiting system in Asia, has now arrived in Australia and is available exclusively from Globe Pest Solutions.

Exterminex is a ‘traditional’ baiting system, consisting of in-ground monitoring stations and above-ground bait stations. The monitoring stations come with two different wood blocks – one softwood and one hardwood – to maximise the attractiveness to the various termite species. A ‘sand sleeve’ is also available to prevent debris entering the bait station.

“Termite managers know that keeping the bait stations clear of debris, especially in sandy soils, is a challenge,” commented Dion Peters, Australia business manager, Exterminex. “The sleeve, made of 100% biodegradable materials, stops the soil entering the bait station, making inspection easier and prolonging the shelf life of the monitoring blocks. The sleeve also contains a cellulose attractant.”

As termite professionals are aware, the performance of any baiting system is reliant on the attractiveness of the bait matrix. According to Mr Peters, the Exterminex bait matrix is based on a highly refined form of alpha cellulose, fortified with attractants and feeding stimulants. Exterminex is registered for use on all subterranean termite species, except Mastotermes darwiniensis.

“Some pest managers may be cautious about assuming that a termite bait developed in Asia would be effective on Australian termite species. But we’ve tested the bait here in Australia with great results and the feedback from pest managers on social media has been very positive.

“Exterminex is a high performing, affordable option for pest managers, who can now access this proven termite management system through Globe Pest Solutions – with no site fees required,” concluded Mr Peters.