Bugeye Technoscope Illuminates New Opportunities

Using a borescope during a pest inspection adds an additional level of thoroughness to the job, believes the team at Top Shot Pest Control.

Over the past 17 years the Bugeye Technoscopes from Heine have been the equipment of choice for leading pest control companies to inspect cavities for pest activity and damage.

Adam Walsh, product manager from Inline Systems (who market Heine borescopes), believes the high quality of Heine equipment will ensure it retains this market leading position.

“Many companies have been tempted to look at cheaper options to the Bugeye. Invariably they end up disappointed – they are cheaper for a reason. They simply can’t compete with the quality and performance of the 100% German manufactured Heine borescopes.”

“Heine has over 40 years experience in optical design and manufacture of medical and industrial diagnostic equipment. The German made lens optics used in the Heine system was designed for the specific use in borescopes. With an optical lens rather than a digitally enhanced image, the exceptional clarity allows operators to determine a rapid visual diagnosis in almost any dark cavity – wall voids, roof spaces or sub-floors.

“With its unique gas halogen, super bright warm lamp bulbs, nothing else can come close to the illumination of this extremely popular kit.”

The model in question is the BugEye Professional Borescope and it has become a must have piece of equipment for pest control operators, such as George Pennisi from Top Shot Pest Control (main picture, above). Mr Pennisi has been using Heine BugEye borescopes from Inline Systems in his business for the past decade.

“It’s a vital tool for carrying out detailed inspections. In fact, if you don’t have a Heine Technoscope you probably should not be carrying out pest inspections – I’m not sure how you can do a thorough job without one,” said Mr Pennisi.

“I always have my technoscope available on a job, as you never know when you might need to probe a little deeper to investigate a problem. Our customers appreciate our attention to detail and thorough diagnosis” Mr Walsh pointed out some of the benefits of using a Heine borescope.

“With the trend toward thermal imaging camera technology, it’s important to remember that by using technology such as the BugEye borescope, you can actually see what is going on, you don’t have to interpret information, which can then be subject to operator error.

“By getting a definitive diagnosis you can minimise your exposure to liability claims. This is supported by the ability to attach the BugEye to a camera, ensuring you capture photographic or video evidence of your investigations.

“With the BugEye able to access voids through the smallest of openings it can get to problem areas quickly and discretely. If you need to carry out an invasive inspection, the BugEye delivers with minimal damage, which is very comforting for home owners.”

If you have any questions regarding the BugEye cavity borescope kit from Heine, contact the sales team at Inline Systems.