New from Trade Management Systems, the Multi Facet Donger is a valuable tool when conducting termite inspections.

“Running a busy pest management company on the Gold Coast whose core business is termite detection and management is due in no small part to our hard earned reputation,” said Mick Humberstone, company director at Surekil Pest Control. “I am continuously looking for ways to improve our inspections and to minimise the risk of missing termite damage.

“Over the course of the last 14 years I have used all of the newest innovations and tools available for termite detection, from borescopes, moisture meters, Termatrac, thermal imaging cameras and a termite sniffing dog. Yet the most used tool in the industry remains the termite donger or tapper!”

A simple tool for sounding or tapping timbers can be flawed by the limited amount of contact that it provides with the timber surface. This significantly increases the risk of missing termite damage.

“Having been an aircraft engineer for 25 years, and always looking ‘outside the box’ I designed a new ‘Multi Facet Donger’ (MFD) to address the contact problem and substantially reduce the risk of missing damage,” said Mr Humberstone. This has been designed and developed through his other company, Trade Management Systems.

Reduce your risk of missing termite damage with the Multi Facet Donger

“The industry response to the MFD has been incredibly positive with Rapid Training and MPL Training both using the MFD on their training courses, and Globe, Garrards and Agserv stocking it in their stores.

“2015 will see the launch of the newest model, the Telescopic MFD (TMFD) which, as the name suggests, will be a collapsible, lightweight version of the MFD with the new timber probe feature included under a removable head. The TMFD has been specifically designed for roof void inspections and to be easily carried on an equipment belt.”

A Multi Facet Donger is an essential toolkit addition for all timber inspection professionals, for further information visit the Trade Management Systems website.