Bell Laboratories brings its gel bait formulation to Australia, with the launch of Provoke Gel for Rat Traps.

Bell Laboratories announces the return of its popular rat attractant, Provoke Professional Gel for Rat Traps. Provoke for rats, available now for purchase in Australia, is a food-based gel that has been specifically designed to meet the unique behavioural characteristics of rats, particularly their sense of smell. Since rats are driven more by scent than taste, Provoke for rats contains a unique blend of scents that both roof rats and Norway rats find irresistible.

Like its mouse counterpart – Provoke Professional Mouse Gel, which is already available in Australia – Provoke for rats is a non-toxic, hypoallergenic attractant that is especially suited for sensitive areas where food allergies are a concern. Provoke can be used with confidence in schools, food production plants, and in other accounts where food products, such as peanut butter, are prohibited.

Provoke for rats is easily dispensed via its no-drip squeeze bottle with tapered nozzle, making applications on any trap quick and simple. Provoke is also water soluble, so won’t stain clothing or carpets. When used with Bell’s Trapper T-Rex Rat Snap Trap, the gel should be applied to the integrated removable bait cup to achieve the best results.

Depending upon the site conditions, both Provoke for rats and Provoke for mice should remain malleable in traps for up to two weeks. However, rats and mice may continue to eat Provoke after it has begun to dry out. When rats and mice stop feeding on Provoke, the traps should be cleaned and refilled as needed. Provoke Professional Gel for Rat Traps is available from all major distributors.