New Electromechanical Mouse Trap from Liphatech

Liphatech has expanded its range of rodent control hardware with the release of The Clash mousetrap.

The Clash is an innovative electromechanical and non-chemical mouse trap solution from Liphatech that allows professional pest managers to optimise their rodent control programs. The multi-capture mouse trap takes the guesswork out of trapping, meaning fewer inspections of customer sites.

The Clash is a compact, robust mouse trap that controls rodents by discharging a fatal electronic charge. Firstly, a non-toxic bait, such as Liphatech’s No Tox Soft Bait, is placed in the bait drawer. Curiosity will lead the mice to reach it via the ramp. Secondly, once inside the trap, the mouse is struck by an electronic shock before being directed towards the hatch. The eliminated mouse remains in the trap reservoir, a hermetically sealed compartment, until it is emptied by the pest manager. The reservoir can hold up to 25 captured mice.

LED indicators on the top of the trap change colour depending on the number of captures inside. For example, 0-5 green, 5-15 orange and 15-25 red to notify users whether action is required. When the trap is ready to be emptied, the pest manager can do so quickly and efficiently without handling the rodents.

The trap is powered by 4 x LR14-C batteries (which eliminate approximately 365 mice) or a 12-volt transformer.


The clash from Liphatech
The small, powerful unit delivers quick death by electric shock


“The ability of the Clash to humanely capture and store up to 25 mice without smell is a great asset for any control program,” said Kuyan Rider, general manager of Conquer Termites Northside and president of the Australian Women in Pest Management Association (AWPMA).

“The Clash assisted with a problem site where mice were eating stored product inside a rural storage area. Installation of the Clash in the main areas of mice activity was made easy using the battery supply option.”

Ms Rider opted to include the Clash as part of the rodent management program for several reasons. Firstly, because a non-chemical option was preferred – the device was to be used in an area frequented by birds of prey (owls), so it was important to eliminate the possibility of secondary poisoning. Secondly, the Clash was chosen for its immediate capture capability and for having no smell – a more favourable option over snap traps, which require regular inspection and removal of dead rodents. Thirdly, the discreet design of the Clash means customers visiting the premises were unaware of the rodent problem, as the trap does not resemble a traditional mouse trap.

Ms Rider added, “Activity was brought under control with the aid of the Clash multi-capture trap with its large storage capacity. The customer was engaged in the control program and advised when the Clash LED capture light turned red, meaning up to 25 mice were captured and a service was required.”

The Clash is suitable for tackling individual mouse problems or can form part of an integrated rodent baiting program. At 25cm x 25cm x 25cm and weighing less than 2 kg, the trap is compact, discreet and robust.

Gavin Wilson, Liphatech’s technical and marketing manager, ANZ, commented, “The Clash has been developed to meet the increasing demands of pest control professionals who are calling out for innovative mechanical solutions to address the global push towards a reduction in the use of chemicals.

“The electromechanical mouse trap gives all the benefits of a baiting program but is like a trapping program, in that it provides an instant kill. The added benefit is that the Clash humanely kills the mice and has an overall favourable environmental profile. The Clash is a unique trapping device, which unlike other products, can be used in all situations throughout Australia.

“It also provides pest managers with an innovative control solution without any ongoing monthly fees or data collection issues – something we know that pest managers want. With the Clash, the privacy of customers is assured.”

The trap is the latest innovation from Liphatech, a company that dedicates 12-15% of annual turnover to research and development. Over the last 60 years, the company has discovered three new active ingredients and bait formulations to provide rodent control solutions for professional pest managers. The development of hardware solutions has been a key milestone for Liphatech, first developing the Aegis range of bait stations and accessories, and now the Clash.