Bell Laboratories announces the launch of its iQ range of Bluetooth-enabled smart traps.

Bell Labs has announced the release of its newest product line, iQ Products, powered by Bell Sensing Technologies. Bell’s line of iQ products gives pest managers the baiting and trapping tools with which they can perform rodent control to their maximum potential.

iQ products use integrated technology that will help to make pest control businesses more successful and more profitable. The scalable, affordable technology uses Bluetooth to communicate directly from the iQ rodent trap or station to any smart device. Sensors inside each device capture and timestamp rodent activity. That activity is then recorded in the device. At the next site visit, the pest manager simply opens the Bell Sensing app, reviews all activity, and uses that knowledge to service the account in the most efficient way possible.

Using Bluetooth technology keeps the power of pest control in the hands of the pest manager on site. This technology makes iQ products affordable to use at any type of account and does not require wi-fi passwords or expensive gateway equipment. Pest managers can place traps in areas that are hard to access, where rodents are travelling, and can check those traps effortlessly, simply by being in proximity to the devices.

At the conclusion of each account visit, a summary report is automatically emailed to the nominated email address(es) and all of the timestamp data is available in the Bell Sensing online portal for further analysis. Pest managers can verify and prove where activity is occurring, what time it occurs, and how much activity there has been. This information gives pest managers proof of when and where rodents are going, allowing them to make smart decisions on where to do inspections, where to place traps, what recommendations to make to the customer, and where to practise exclusion. With this advanced technology, rodent control becomes predictive instead of reactive.

Not only do pest managers get a full picture of rodent activity at the account, but they will also save a great deal of time on the job site. By using iQ products, pest managers can reduce the time spent checking empty traps and bait stations showing no activity, so technicians can be more productive, and more profitable. Switching to iQ products will help to protect customers and empower employees.

Bell’s iQ technology is available in the following rodent control devices:

The initial product launch will comprise four products, with the Trapper Mouse iQ to follow. More information on Bell’s iQ products can be found on the Bell Sensing website.