A new smart rodent-monitoring system has entered the Australian market, in the form of Rodenthor IPM Square from Ensystex.

Rodent management, especially in commercial accounts, can be a time-consuming business. Identifying areas of activity and coming up with an effective and efficient management plan can be a challenge – the time spent checking large numbers of bait stations can be significant. Rodenthor IPM Square is a digital solution that meets these challenges.

It allows for the monitoring and control of rodents, incorporating a smartphone app and web-based reporting systems to give constant, real-time updates.

Designed by professional pest managers, Rodenthor IPM Square allows the user to monitor, capture, watch and analyse rodent behaviour 24 hours a day, using high quality traps and sensors together with a Wi-Fi connection. The system uses the latest cutting-edge digital data recording and transmission solutions, including Wi-Fi and IoT, together with advanced algorithms and adaptive intelligence to ensure pest managers achieve optimal results while using the state-of-the-art reporting solutions. For sensitive accounts, there is the option of a dedicated Rodenthor IPM Square encrypted Wi-Fi hotspot.

Images of rodent activity are relayed to the pest manager

It is an end-to-end solution including hardware, software, dashboard screen and smartphone app. The system can comprise just one trap or multiple traps, and can be used with Rodenthor Gorilla Traps as well as others.

Rodenthor IPM Square never stops – it is constantly surveying the rodent traps and premises. Although similar systems are available, one of the key considerations for pest managers when deciding on the choice of monitoring system is its accuracy. With complex communication systems involved, false alerts or failures to alert can be issues. With Rodenthor IPM Square having been installed in thousands of premises in Europe and the US over the past five years, including clients such as Unilever, Nestle, Ikea, McDonalds, Domino’s Pizza, Facebook, Philips and Amazon (logistic warehouses), pest managers can have confidence in its reliability.

One advantage of the system is that it can be installed quickly – just one minute is needed to install each station – allowing pest managers to respond to any alerts of rodent activity at a site immediately, with push notifications being sent by email or SMS to multiple recipients

With 24-hour monitoring, pest managers can be more effective with their time management and have greater off-site control. Being able to respond instantly to rodent activity also allows for more humane standards of rodent management to be achieved.

Rodenthor IPM Square offers several installation and configuration options, with an IoT version available for all except Rodenthor Square Rat.

Rodenthor Square Eye

Rodenthor Square Eye (main picture, above) allows pest managers to monitor, capture and analyse rodent behaviour via a Wi-Fi connection. Rodenthor Square Eye will send alerts as real-time photographs. It uses highly advanced detection technologies to analyse rodent behaviour, using a learning algorithm, enabling the identification of the pests present.

Rodenthor Square Eye uses seven premium quality sensors to trigger the camera and send the real-time photos, both indoors and outdoors, using a 2 MP camera with night/day vision. Over its 12-month battery life, the system guarantees no false detections.

Rodenthor Square Rat

This standalone Wi-Fi trap can be installed in less than 60 seconds at any site with a Wi-Fi connection. For installation at a site without Wi-Fi connectivity, the device can be connected via a Square Wi-Fi Hub. Rodenthor Square Rat can be used to resolve high-level rodent infestations or to build an IPM program on site with as many traps as needed. Online alerts, ‘keep alive’ checks every 24 hours, and low battery notification ensure reliability of the system.

Rodenthor Square Rat works with Rodenthor Humane-kill Gorilla Rat Traps and most other E-type break-back traps. Traps can be replaced when needed without touching the technology – just place the magnet on the snap trap and it is ready to go.

The system Includes a phone app for installation and trap management, and a client portal to monitor and manage analytical data. This includes graphic GPS locations of any trap as well as management tools and statistical data.

Rodenthor Square Mouse

This is a smart solution to monitor mouse activity using all the same features of Rodenthor Square Rat. It employs a high-performance sensor and a dedicated base for mouse-size Rodenthor Gorilla traps, allowing pest managers to monitor mouse activity and capture 24/7 by receiving online notifications and alerts related to each trap. Again, it is a holistic solution that includes smart traps, a phone app for installation and monitoring activity, and web portal.

A mouse clearly seen activating a trap

Rodenthor Wi-Fi Live Cage

Rodenthor Wi-Fi Live Cage uses a fixed-mounting IP65 housing that holds the IPM Square solution together with a reed switch, allowing it to be secured to any cage trap that has a door action for capturing rats, possums or other species of wildlife.

Rodenthor Wi-Fi Multi-catch

This trap features an integrated repeater with a reed switch that spans the width of the trap. It is secured with specialised magnetic mounts that slide onto the ramp together with a magnetic base to repel the ramp back to its original position. Alerts are issued when a mouse has been captured.

The Rodenthor IPM Square is designed and manufactured in Israel and is available exclusively in Australia from Ensystex.