Rodenthor Digital is the new rodent monitoring system from Ensystex.

Digital rodent monitoring solutions allow professional pest managers to receive an early warning about pest activity and provide quick treatment to mitigate the risk of infestation, reduce the use of rodenticides, and reduce labour costs. To bring this capability to Australian pest managers, Ensystex has announced the launch of Rodenthor Digital, a rodent monitoring solution powered by the internationally acclaimed GreenTrapOnline system to provide intelligent, 24/7 monitoring of rodents.

Rodenthor Digital works by constantly monitoring and notifying rodent activity and catch in real-time. The pest manager will receive an email immediately after detection of any rodent activity, advising of the time and place of the activity. The notification allows for prompt action to be taken so the root cause can be identified, thus reducing the risk of infestation spreading. The system also provides digital reporting and data analytics to give improved audit readiness.

Steve Broadbent, Ensystex regional director, believes the flexibility of Rodenthor Digital sets it apart from other solutions on the market.

“What has impressed me most about this system is the plug-and-play simplicity of the setup. The GT Sensor can detect motion, vibration, or both. This allows for use with traps, or without traps, for example in run-through stations or stations that hold bait, whether it be a toxic bait or a monitor bait, in any station type you prefer. It can be placed both indoors and outside, around any facility. Few other systems offer this flexibility in a proven package, with this system having been in the European market since 2005.”

Rodenthor Digital is a wireless solution built on LoRa (long range private network) communication from the sensors to the GT Gateway, which connects the system to the internet. The GT Gateway can run any number of sensors. LoRa transmission means energy consumption is low, which is reflected in the sensor batteries lasting for seven years, after which they are replaceable, ensuring longevity of use.

The GT Gateway connects over the 4G network, ensuring coverage throughout urban Australia and high data security. Microsoft Azure software further ensures data security. Professional pest managers can install the system on site themselves, with no need of assistance.

“The fact that pest managers can install sites themselves means no third party will have any knowledge of their site details or location. Site details are completely private between the pest manager and their client,” added Mr Broadbent.

Rodenthor Digital is the latest digital pest control initiative from Ensystex that furthers the company’s goal of advancing more sustainable pest management practices.