Dick Murray of PCT outlines the benefits of using PCT rodenticides First Formula and Pro Formula. 

Now is the time of the year when pest managers start to think about the upcoming rodent season. So, it’s worth a close look at some tips that will help you to be a successful pest manager, in what is shaping up to be busy rodent season.

There are more than 50 native rodent species in Australia that are illegal to kill, so it is important to be able to identify the three most important pest species – the roof rat, Norway rat and house mouse. Any attempt to manage these rodent pests must involve an understanding of their biology and behaviour in implementing a control program.

An anticoagulant-based rodenticide continues to be the mainstay of rodent control. These are especially effective at providing long-lasting solutions to persistent rodent problems when supplemented by a housekeeping program which includes items such as:

  • Vegetation control, by use of herbicides or manual reduction
  • Harbourage removal, by implementation of a clean-up of stored items inside or externally
  • Exclusion, by closing entry holes or other building modification to deny entry
  • Sanitation, by ensuring no accumulation of spilled food / feed items occurs in production or storage areas of premises.

The choice of rodenticide should be influenced by the risk assessment, considering where the key activity is on a site and looking at the potential exposure to both humans and non-target species. PCT markets three rodenticide options and a range of bait stations.

PCT First Formula Rodenticide (main picture, left) was developed and is manufactured by PCT in Australia and features a unique blend of high grade food products with the proven efficiency of a second generation anticoagulant (0.05 g/kg brodifacoum) in a weather resistant wax block. First Formula contains Bitrex, a powerful bittering agent, to reduce the likelihood of accidental consumption. The single feed, fast acting formulation controls species resistant to Warfarin.

PCT Pro Formula Blocks Rodenticide (main picture, right) is an all-weather rodenticide developed and manufactured by PCT in Australia. It is a palatable all-purpose wax based rodenticide formulation based on the advanced anticoagulant, difenacoum (0.05g/kg). Difenacoum is equally effective against rats and mice, including strains resistant to some other anticoagulants. Only a single feed is needed for rodent mortality that generally occurs 4-10 days after consuming the bait. Pro Formula offers an additional benefit in containing a distinctive purple dye which gives positive identification of the active. Like First Formula, it also contains Bitrex to help prevent accidental human ingestion.

Ramik Rodenticide contains diphacinone (0.05 g/kg), and is extremely effective as a first generation anticoagulant. Ramik Green all weather rodenticide uses food processing technology to produce a highly palatable fish flavoured and food quality grain mix – a high acceptability bait that retains its effectiveness in a long lasting, wax free nugget form. Rodent mortality from diphacinone may occur within 5-7 days and this prevents bait shyness from occurring.

As with all rodenticide use, in order to minimise the risk of both primary and secondary poisoning of non-target species, do not place baits in locations that are accessible to domestic animals, livestock, birds or other animals. Use of bait stations in many situation is recommended.

PCT has a range of economic, high quality, Australian made corner and square rodent stations. These are low profile in design for ease of placement. They feature a high capacity bait chamber including securing rods and a ramped entrance into the bait chamber that helps prevent water from entering and contaminating the bait. They are suitable for use with wax blocks, grain bait or pellets and include a tamper resistant locking device with single twist key per station.

Dick Murray, Manager – Research & Development, PCT