Pest managers are reporting excellent results with rodent bait containing bromethalin, the new active on the Australian market.

Fastrac Blox from Bell Labs, launched in January 2022, brought the first new rodent control chemistry to the market in many years, with the acute non-anticoagulant active ingredient bromethalin.

“We were confident that the rapid knockdown of Fastrac would be a hit with Australian pest managers, and we were absolutely right,” commented Bell Labs’ technical services representative Nick Jones.

“The feedback around the bait’s performance has been overwhelmingly positive, and many pest managers have commented on how much less bait is required to control a rodent population compared to the anticoagulant products that have been relied upon for decades.”

Sydney pest manager Doug Balsom of Serial Pest Control has seen excellent results with the bait, including at a patisserie with historically high rodent pressure.

“I followed up two days after baiting with Fastrac Blox and found several rodent carcasses…when they tell you this stuff is fast acting, they really mean it!” Mr Balsom continued, “It was interesting to find that my bait stations hadn’t been completely emptied, but the number of rodents had dropped so rapidly.”


Doug Balsom of Serial Pest Control, NSW


Rodents usually cease feeding after ingesting a lethal dose of Fastrac Blox, with mortality commonly occurring within 18-36 hours. This means substantially reduced bait consumption and more immediate results.

Mr Jones advises pest managers to adopt a slightly different mindset when using Fastrac. “It’s common to judge a rodenticide based on how much gets consumed in the field, but due to the stop-feed and rapid action of bromethalin, consumption will naturally be much lower when compared to anticoagulants.

“Whilst this might take some getting used to, it means faster results for your customer, and reduced costs for your business.”