Sydney pest manager Tommy Horozakis has trialled Bell’s latest soft bait, with excellent results. 

With a population of over five million people living in close proximity, it’s no surprise that articles in the press regularly report that Sydney is ‘being overrun with rats’. Certainly, they have been very visible, and not exactly shy around the CBD in the heart of Sydney’s business and tourist locations.

Tommy Horozakis of The Pest Control Company had been relying on a few different rodenticides for his rat control work around the city, but in some locations, the rodent population would not be enticed to feed on any of the products that had been offered. When Mr Horozakis heard about Bell Labs’ new product Contrac Soft Bait at a recent trade show, he decided that it merited a place in his rodent control arsenal.

There were three sites where the rodents were proving particularly challenging to control. This is where he first installed Contrac Soft Bait.

“It got hammered,” said Mr Horozakis. “There were dead rats everywhere. I’m just amazed – Contrac Soft Bait is a real game-changer.”

Bell Labs’ Asia Pacific business manager Sam Wood added, “Due to the rapid consumption of Contrac Soft Bait, The Pest Control Company had been servicing these high activity areas daily to ensure sufficient bait was available for the whole rodent population. The rapid success since switching to Contrac Soft Bait has allowed the servicing frequency to reduce to weekly, and Mr Horozakis is confident that they will soon have eradicated enough of the rat population that they will be able to return to a regularly monthly maintenance schedule.

“The councils that Mr Horozakis is working with are equally impressed and have now made it the bait of preference wherever and whenever hotspots occur.

“This performance is a result of Contrac Soft Bait being our most thoroughly researched offering yet. It has also been shown not to melt, freeze or mould, which are some of the issues that can a ect other soft bait rodenticides.”

Contrac Soft Bait contains bromadiolone, the same active ingredient, at the same concentration, as Bell’s number one seller Contrac Blox, but the inert ingredients are different. Contrac Blox are formulated from an intensively researched combination of cereals, which has proven to be attractive and palatable to rodents in the majority of situations. Contrac Soft Bait, however, contains a precise blend of fats and oils to appeal to rodents in conditions where rodents find cereal-based baits unappealing.