Two pest managers from QLD and WA report on their experiences of using Muskil rodenticide blocks from Ensystex.

Muskil Dual Active Rodenticide Blocks with Fluo-NP UV Tracking Technology has been in the market now for just two months and is already proving to be a real winner with professional pest managers.

Steve Broadbent, regional director for Ensystex commented, “The feedback from professionals that we have received following the launch of Muskil has been tremendous. Universally people have been calling to say how they have solved rodent problems in a couple of days, with bait uptake occurring right away.

“Muskil is the only rodenticide that blends two different actives together, difenacoum and bromadiolone, thus creating a rodenticide that outperforms all others in terms of speed of kill and bait uptake. Despite its fast performance, the unique combination of actives delivers a rodent bait with a large margin of safety to non-target animals, including pets.”

Craig, general manager for Complete Pest Management Services in Perth, is one of many happy Muskil converts (Simone Louise Jones from the Complete Pest Management Services Team is pictured above with William Killen from Ensystex). “We tried Muskil as soon as it was released and I have to say, it performed just as promised. We had bait uptake immediately at all the sites in question, and we were seeing dead rodents after just a couple of days! Muskil has certainly outperformed the other leading rodenticides in the market in terms of the rodents starting to eat right away, and also its speed of kill. And the margin of safety on dogs gives us that added confidence.”

“Muskil just works! I have found that there is definitely less bait shyness and the Fluo-NP Technology makes life so much easier, as we can detect rodent presence in roof voids and subfloors. I wouldn’t recommend any rodenticide other than Muskil.”

Mr Broadbent confirmed that Muskil’s ‘Fluo-NP Technology’, an abbreviation of ‘Fluorescent No Phobia’, offers many benefits. “Commensal rodents are naturally wary of new things, consequently they are usually reticent to feed on a new bait. This is well known as ‘bait shyness’, or more correctly, neophobia.

“Muskil’s ‘Fluo-NP Technology’ uses a non-detectable fluorescent red dye that absorbs light in the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum. By adding this fluorescent colour dye, we trick the rodents into thinking other members of their clan have already inspected the bait and confirmed it is safe to eat. This is because it appears as though other rodents have urinated in the vicinity of the bait, since urine also absorbs light in this ultraviolet range. This process of urination is the natural behaviour of rodents when they are in a relaxed state. So the end result is that rodents think others have already been here, checked the bait out, felt safe and therefore it must be perfectly fine for us to eat too.”

Kurt Thew of Multipest Professional Termite and Pest Management in Queensland agreed that Muskil certainly provides early feeding uptake. “We manage a large theme park on the Gold Coast. We were very impressed when we tried Muskil at this venue. In fact, once we placed Muskil, we found it was the only bait that the rodents took to. This is the first time we have found a bait that outperforms our normally specified rodenticide.

Kurt Thew, Multipest Professional Termite and Pest Management

“It certainly appears that Ensystex’s claim that Muskil uniquely works on the rodents’ senses of smell, sight and taste is very true. It is very obvious that Muskil contains high quality aromatic ingredients to draw them in to a bait station, the Fluo-NP Technology then contributes to the quick bait acceptance we observed, and thereafter the high protein foods in the bait ensure they keep eating the bait to give us a fast kill of the pests.”

Mr Broadbent concluded, “We really appreciate all the great early feedback we have received from our clients. It really shows we have backed a winner in the market with Muskil.”