WIPM Recognition Awards 2023

Inaugural WIPM Recognition Awards

The inaugural 2023 WIPM Recognition Awards were presented at the Termite Professional Conference gala dinner to a packed, excited and very vocal audience!

“It was such a night of celebration and glamour!” commented Nicky Turner, President of Women in Pest Management. “The atmosphere was nothing short of extraordinary and there was no denying the buzz going around the room. With the enthusiastic responses from the audience to each winner, it was clear these women were widely recognised as worthy winners and excelling in their contribution to the pest control industry.”


Winners of the 2023 WIPM Recognition Awards:


Stephanie Paddick – Leadership Award (Jim’s Termite & Pest Control)

WIPM Awards 2023 - Leadership Award - Stephanie Paddick - Jim's Termite and Pest Control
Stephanie Paddick, with Eliza Urey and Nicky Turner from WIPM


Amanda Robin – Office Employee of the Year Award (Competitive Pest Services)

WIPM Awards 2023 - Office Employee of the Year Award - Amanda Robin - Competitive Pest Services


Nathaly Haeren – Female Technician of the Year Award (Pesty Girls Pest Management)

WIPM Awards 2023 - Pest Technician of the year Award - Nathaly Haeren - Pesty Girls


Viv Van Dyk – New Zealand Excellence Award (Bait Technology Limited)

WIPM Awards 2023 - New Zealand Excellence Award - Vivian Van Dyk - Bait Technology Limited
Vivian Van Dyk (second from right) with Nicky Turner, Rachel Skedd and Eliza Urey from WIPM


Kushnumma Begum – South Pacific Excellence Award (Flick Hygiene. Fiji)

WIPM Awards 2023 - South Pacific Excellence Award - Kushnummna Begum - Flick Hygiene, Fiji



The WIPM 2023 Award Winners

WIPM Award Winners 2023